WhatsApp Adds A Shopping Button To Offer In-App Purchases Via Facebook Shops

Facebook-owned, WhatsApp, has decided to add a shopping button to their messaging application which will go live globally. Due to some reasons, India will get the update later.

WhatsApp is already under a waiting list for permission from the RBI to launch their payment service within the country so the application available to us is the beta phase or version.

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With the introduction of such a platform,  WhatsApp will come in competition with Flipkart, Amazon, and JIO market in terms of online shopping business.

The major contribution of the shopping button would be to expand the business and services to interact with the customers with more ease.

WhatsApp has decided to add more features like sharing a catalogue, product addition to the cart, checking out without the worry of leaving the application.

WhatsApp Business was launched in 2018 with an initiative to bring out the best of the possibilities for the medium and small businesses.

WhatsApp has claimed that over 175 million users have been interacting with business accounts on daily basis globally.

According to a survey by the Harris Poll, around 81% of the Indian population prioritizes messaging for communication with business purposes.

India has given WhatsApp the status of the largest market with over 400 million users according to reports of July 2019 and since then the company has been working on payment solutions.

Facebook earlier this year introduced a platform of Facebook shop for small and medium businesses and WhatsApp is now leveraging the Facebook shop for its new features.

The updated platform will be introduced in a fully integrated manner where users can start a conversation with a business front.

Whatsapp adds a shopping button
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They can easily browse through their display or the offering section and text them instantly within the application for the selected products to purchase and finally make the payments instantly.

Facebook has also planned on hosting services related to the business management of their WhatsApp messages.

The services will be available for business consumers but on a chargeable basis since Facebook also wants their business building in continuation.

Various business and other viewing related contents are often read out by potential customers with the means of texts or WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp shopping button will surely direct another potential and unique methods of communication for business development through an inbuilt feature of the application.

Expanding their ways for people on how to make in-app purchases through a chat via catalogs form will not only help the business person but also the customers as the platform is already a go-to application for users.

WhatsApp is one of the highest used application in India, small and medium level businesses will be highly impacted through their share throughout the platform.

Since this is just the right time to maintained social distancing but also keep the urge of shopping on, WhatsApp business and the  WhatsApp shopping button will surely come to use more than ever.

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