Apple Glasses Leak: Half-Inch Sony OLED Microdisplay, Set To Launch In 2022

Introduction Of The Apple Glasses

Apple has always kept their fans under a situation of suspense when it comes to their amazing products. Apple Inc. has always thrived towards the quality products for their gadgets and accessories.

Apple has once again shaken the market with the leak of their Apple Glasses who are rumored to have a half-inch Sony OLED microdisplay.

A few leaks have forwarded our imagination toward the fact that Apple has passed the stages of thinking and used this technology in their glasses.

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Few Insights

The spectacularly sculpted glasses are rumored to be launched in 2022.

A few insights signify the structure and complete specs of the final product they will launch.

Apple is pursuing, for their glasses, AR/VR glasses using Sony’s OLED technology. The tweet was further clarified that the particular OLED will be used in AR Glasses only.

Ross Young, displays expert, through his tweet has collectively called every single fan into a deep thinking zone.

Minor Details

The micro OLEDs Apple will be using in their glasses will have 0.5″, 1280×960 resolution, 1H’22 intro.

This microdisplay technology has a high 100,000:1 contrast ratio and a response speed time of just 0.01 ms or it might be just less. Then technology is infused to give a wide color gamut too!

The 0.5-inch display comes with a pixel per inch count of about 3000. The glasses will be about 2 inches wide which will make the microdisplays embed inside the larger lenses limiting the view field of the AR HUD.

The AR ones have been rumored to be in the market by 2022, while the AR/VR technology ones will be launched in 2023 with more detailed work.

A few hints have made it clear, according to Young, that iPhone 13, to be launched in 2021, will be lined with an integrated touch OLED screen which will come with a 120Hz ProMotion display.

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