CBSE And CISCE Considering To Reduce The Syllabus To 50%

Pondering over the news of reopening colleges and schools and reducing syllabus, CBSE and CISCE have quite a catching announcement to make.

They have decided to reduce the syllabus by 50% and extend the boards for the year 2021 by 45 to 60 days.

Since the pandemic lectures have been taking place on various online platforms delivering poor quality education for six months.

Online classes have been a burden not only on the students as well as teachers due to various network issues or improper understanding between student teacher-relation.

Several State Boards have reduced the syllabus by 25 to 30% for ease in understanding during online classes.

The state government has announced the reopening of colleges from 15th October leveraging health over attendance. The bitterness regarding the attendance will not be considered this time.

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“Post 30% reduction in July, there has been no normal classes and if the situation continues like this, there is likelihood of further reduction of the syllabus for the Board exams. The Board will take a call soon whether the exams are to be conducted based on 70% or 50% of the syllabus,” said a senior CBSE official.

Physical classes will enhance the students’ capabilities and make them familiar with the similar surrounding again making it possible for them to attend the examinations for the boards.

Long-term online classes have severely affected the students’ minds in ways physical classes have become a necessity.

Disrupting the quality education, the online classes have impacted the knowledge student gained.

The pending decision between reducing the syllabus and opening schools for boards or other examinations is totally dependent on the Education Ministry.

Ignoring the physical factors if the schools remain closed for 2 more months, the academic calendar for 2021 will surely be a disaster for the performance and students’ future.

Focusing on the problems issued by students in rural areas severe effects are seen on their knowledge.

Despite attending classes, most of the students face the problem of attendance due to a lack of network coverage.

Most of the students who gave internal examinations online had to deal with the lot like abrupt closing of the online forms due to network issues or unable to respond during the classes.

Situations, where students were seen harassing the teachers, is one of the main focus.

Reopening of schools for reduction of the syllabus is totally dependent on the Ministry, however online classes have impacted students, as well as teachers, is life massively destroying their personal lives too.

It is better to reopen with guidelines and security, rather than dealing with similar situations again.

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