“Heroes on board”: Baby Boy Born Mid-Air On Indigo Delhi-Bengaluru Flight

No wonder how mesmerizing it sounds; being born in midway-sky is a total flex.

Once, in 2016, a baby was born in the skies, on a flight from Dubai to Philippines, and was gifted with a lifetime of free flights.

Similar pleasant news has come on our way when childbirth took place in the midway flight.

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What happened?

On Wednesday, a woman gave birth to a child in the air, among the strong winds and white feathers of the cloud.

On Indigo flight, 6E 122, from Delhi, the loud cry of a newborn was unleashed an hour later the flight took off.

The Delhi-Bengaluru flight passengers were titled “Heroes on board” for their bravery and presence of their minds.

The woman suddenly went into labor on the flight and there was a fragile situation in the flight.

Passengers handled the situation with utter patience and the flight attendants acted immediately by creating a safe space for the woman’s privacy.

Prabhu Stavarmath, a passenger, recalled the minute details of the incident onboard and described how beautiful they were.

A mini-hospital was made within a few seconds for the woman in labor. A passenger volunteered for the woman’s help after the announcement, according to the rules of flights.

There was a sense of tension and pressure in the air.

At 6:10 PM, the woman successfully gave birth to a premature baby boy.

Although, it is strictly followed that a woman who is 36 weeks or less pregnant isn’t allowed to fly.

After the situation was filled with tears of joy and baby cries, the mother and the baby were safely shifted to a medical facility, after landing on the Kempegowda International Airport at 7.40 PM.

Indigo Pilot explained how their rigorous three months training as a crew in Gurgaon were highly appreciated.

Led by Shradha Chauhan and her team, Anupriya, Tripti and Ankita, the crew was highly appreciated for their presence of mind.

How well they handled the rare mid-air delivery was unquestionable.


Various people, after the post, went viral, tweeted if the baby will receive lifelong free flight access?

Sarcastic replies like, “Hope Indigo doesn’t go bankrupt as Jet or Kingfisher”, were seen. The mother and the child are now safe and under medical supervision for further safety.

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