Government’s Order For Re-Opening Of Schools From 15 October. What If The Situation Worsens?

Hurrah! Schools are opening. I am going to meet my friends. I’ll roam around the corridors mocking students from the back gate. Fun days will be back!

How cool that would be to explain to our children in the future to say that we went to school in the middle of the pandemic!

Well, now that the Central Government has passed the headache to the state government, schools are permitted to open their gates from 15th October 2020.

Government’s order for re-opening of schools:

Unlock 5 is implemented with the option of reopening of institutional platforms for students.

A transition from home-based schooling to a formal-schooling is something every child is waiting for.

As per para–1 of @HMOIndia’s order no-40-3/2020-DM-I(A) dated 30.09.2020for re, State/UT Governments may take a decision in respect of opening of schools and coaching institutions after 15th October in a graded manner” tweeted Dr. Ramesh PokhriyalNishank on 5th October.

According to this tweet, the Central Government has passed the orders, to reopen schools and colleges, for better education of students after the pandemic.

Various guidelines were introduced for safety and health issues.

Government’s Order For Re-Opening Of Schools From 15 October

Will it be really beneficial for the children?

“My eyes are paining so much and I would love to rub my eyes till the eyeballs come out”, a common dialogue we hear every day.

Students have to be so focused on laptop screens and phones that a blink might be just a loss of one topic from the lecture.

It has been a tough call for both students and teachers when it comes to sitting in front of your phone and laptop screens.

It might be fun scrolling through your Instagram feed or taking snaps with new filters, but trust me these online classes are no fun!

Many cases have been reported where students have harassed the teacher. Why is such a thing going on? What is the teacher supposed to do with an unknown identity in the class?

Playing games is fun but only till your eyes start to itch. One common problem among students during the pandemic was “Weak eyesight”.

Many cases of weak eyesight were noticed during the pandemic because of non-stop gawking on the laptops, be it classes or assignments.

So many upbraids and lack of sleep is the result of the frustrated schedules students had to follow during the pandemic.

Stress and depression due to overload was a common issue now because no matter how hard students try, they end up receiving a bunch of nags and insults.

How long can a child cope up till he/she decides to quit attending the class and destroy his/her future?

Safety Guidance For Schools By The Government:

“For this purpose, States/UTs will prepare their own SOP regarding health and safety precaution for reopening of schools based on the SOP to the Ministry of Education, Government of India. States/UTs may adopt or adapt the SOP as per local context and requirements,” the guidelines read.

There are a few rules regarding the re-opening of institutions:

  1. Proper sanitization of every corner of the school, college.
  2. The facility of hand washes, cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfection should be always present within the boundaries of the schools, colleges.
  3. Proper seating plans, 6 feet distance rule must be followed under conditions.
  4. Safe entry and exit, proper arrangements for residential areas, hostels.
  5. Sanitization of authorities, teachers, parents, when entering, management should be taken care of.
  6. Wearing masks is necessary.
  7. Screening before entry is important.
  8. Students can attend classes, formal, only with parents’ consent letter.

Few norms have been implied:

  1. Resistance\flexibility in attendance.
  2. Student may adopt online classes for his/her safety.
  3. No assessments till up to 2-3 weeks of re-opening.
Safety Guidelines For Opening Of Schools Amid Covid-19
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What if the situation worsens?

How far can a pandemic go? Opening colleges might be the right choice when it comes to education, which was completely shattered and considered useless during the pandemic.

Students will be the first sufferers if the schools and colleges will open.

The government can just relax in their homes with a “chai” in a ceramic teapot, but what if a student is tested positive?

Millions of questions have landed in my mind space. One is what if the student gets a hate emotion from his /her classmate if he/she is tested positive?

It is actually true. They have started portraying disgust towards the infected ones.

Parents will be the second suffers because it is hard to see your child away.

A consent letter might be signed by the parents out of their child’s desperation to attend school, but what about the little life they have raised?

If something happens to their child will they be able to cope up with those facts?

Will the school be responsible when the student is found positive?

No; no one will ever be blamed for someone else’s child dying because society will only say “It was parents’ duty to save their child from the clutches of the corona, not the institution”.

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