SendinBlue, An All-In-One Digital Marketing Firm Bags $160 Million In Series B

What is SendinBlue?

SendinBlue is a dedicated market relationship platform. It was found in 2007 by Armand Thiberge, who studied at Ecole Polytechnique Sand Kapil Sharma.

SendinBlue Founder
Armand Thiberg | Founder Of SendinBlue

The platform focuses on integrating the company’s efforts through digital marketing, which can be any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The company has a widespread platform with offices in 4 vast countries- France [Paris], India [Delhi], Germany [Berlin], and the United States [Seattle]

Their headquarters are located in Paris where services like- customer service, marketing, product, and technical teams are available.

The company has spread throughout various nations with approximately 1,80, 000 customers around 160 countries, according to the reports in April 2020.

They have contacted segments through emails, SMS services to help the customers and advertise themselves.

The first software was launched in 2012 in French and was made available to various platforms in English in 2013.

They were considered in the top 20 start-ups by Forbes in 2016.

With their increased demand they have successfully went through a Series B funding round with various renowned investors and other funding individuals.

SendinBlue has merged with NewsLetterGo in 2019. They will now be working as two companies merging to create outstanding products in the future.

SendinBlue, after opening an office in Seattle in 2015, expanded their platform in Toronto, US.

They believe to use the funds to raise the platform’s visibility in other countries.

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Sendinblue Raises $160 Million

Sendinblue has been in limelight since its launch of software in 2008.

They have successfully gone through a series of rounds through various investors.

Their first Angel funding round took place on 1st November 2008. An investment of $140,616 was raised, from the disclosed firm.

Second Angel round funding held on 1st May 2012, raised a fund of $1,28,898, disclosed.

The seed funding took place on 1st November 2013, when a fund of $1,171,800 was raised by Caloga.

Their series A funding took place on 12th September 2017. Investing Partner Partech took an initiative along with partners, namely- Bruno Crémel, Mark Menelland & Omri Benayoun. A fund of $35 Million was raised by the investors in series A round.

Partech is a global VC firm. They prefer to invest in star-ups for seed funding rounds.

On September 30, 2020, SendinBlue received massive investing from existing investors. The round was closed with a raised fund of $160 Million.

The list of investors involved were- Partech, partner Bruno Crémel, BridgePoint, partner Olivier Nemsguern, Bpifrance, partner Louis Molisand BlackRock.

“Sendinblue is positioned in a growing market as more and more SMBs are going digital, especially in the past few months of lockdown,” Oliver Nemsguernsaid.

The series B funding round led to investing which were marked as the highest raised fund for an All-in-one marketing platform in US and Europe.

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