Story Of Hathras Rape Case: Is a Life Worth Only 10 Lakhs?

Hathras Rape Victim

With shivering hands and a fear of being a woman, I am writing this article to inform everyone that women, and only women, can stop this brutality on them.

A Question To The People Out There:

The inhuman act by 4 men, let’s just say illiterate demons, in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh; on a 19-year Dalit girl have brought us into a state of horrors.

How low can these men make women feel? How many heart-shattering cases will take place for people to realize that women are not a mere object?

NOTE: ”Revealing assaulted or raped survivor’s or victim’s names is illegal under Indian Penal Code”.

What happened on 14th September 2020?

A 19-year old Dalit girl was working in the field to collect fodder, in Bhoolagadhi village, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh.

Hathras Rape Victim
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She was with her mother, at a small distance, when all of a sudden she disappeared from the fields.

She was dragged through the field in such a brutal way she damaged her spine, fractured her bones but tried her best to get away from the clutches of 4 upper-caste men.

She was paralyzed after her spine broke.

They dragged her, raped her, tortured her, and garrotted her to death. How wincing the act sounds, right? Listen to what happened next.

One of the members called their brother from Meerut just to “GET OVER HIS LUST”.

To avoid her from mentioning their names, one of the rapists cut her tongue so she wouldn’t speak. What a great way to shut someone’s mouth!

During the fight for her life, she begged for mercy and the only thing she got was a painful death.

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Crying in pain, shouting for her life, she slowly lost her sight and her senses.

Her mother shouted her name, looked for her through the field, and followed the marks left behind when she was dragged.

She found her daughter. In the field, naked, paralyzed, blood gushing out of her mouth and covered in her blood.

Under the apprehension of the situation, she ran to her family.

What happened when police found out about her?

At around 10:30 AM, one hour after the incident, when her brother went to file an FIR against Sandeep, his report was denied.

The 19-year old’s mother, crying in grief and shouting in pain, told how the police never filed a report when her son went to Hathras and later to Aligarh police station.

They denied filing because the victim’s tongue was slit and she couldn’t speak.

She was placed in a GENERAL WARD for 7 days despite her serious injuries, claims the girl’s sister-in-law; in AMU’s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical Hospital.

She was later shifted to Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, on monday.

Next day, against the family’s approval, the police cremated her body, at around 2:30 AM, without allowing them to look at her for the last time.

Hathras Rape Case
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When the family members protested, the policemen attacked them and even lost their sanity when it came to women of the family.

No actions were taken against the wrongdoers for 10 days.

Her case was lost among the load of heavy files and she wouldn’t have been able to get justice if things went the same way.

How is this fair? Was she the one to slit her tongue? Was she the one to break her spine? Was it her fault that she was a woman, a woman of lower caste?

Victim’s father has also questioned the creation at 2:30 AM.

What did the police say?

She was dragged through the field with a dupatta around her neck. It was tied around tight enough to suffocate her.

Police mentioned that the reports have not suggested any sign of rape. But in reality, she was brutally gang-raped and tortured before left unconscious in the fields.

One of the officials, SP Vikrant Vir, has denied that her tongue was slit by the rapist and there are no signs of sexual assault on her body.

He said that when they held her neck, she accidentally bit her own tongue due to pressure on her teeth.

Who was involved in the heinous crime?

4 upper caste members- Sandeep, Lavkush, Ram Kumar, and Ravi were found guilty after a lady officer recorded her statement in the hospital, Aligarh.

Date What happened
14th September Heinous crime took place.
14th September Admitted in JNMH, Aligarh
22nd September Criminal arrested: Sandeep
23rd September Criminal arrested: Luvkush
25th September Criminal arrested: Ravi
26th September Criminal arrested: Ram Kumar [Ramu]
28th September Shifted to Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi
29th September Left the world in despair.


“Fast track trial”

UP Chief Minister, Mr. Adityanath Yogi, contacted the PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, regarding the case. The government has announced a compensation of 10 lakhs for her family.

Under the IPC section 376 D, the case was filed and handed over to the fast track court.

What is happening now?

Hathras Rape Case
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Sparks of vengeance have spread across the country. In our country, a rape case takes place every 15 minutes.

Is the country still safe for women?

People have protested for justice for the Dalit girl.

Activists have sparked outrageous hate on such wrongdoers. Opposition parties have questioned the government’s rule.

What about the mother who lost her child and hope? Is our law strong enough to help the victims seek justice?

Is the police really that convinced that rape is just another word that is filed everyday?

Have people lost their humanity for a small sum? Is a life worth only 10 lakhs?

How have people reacted?

Names are added every day to the list of victims when it comes to women.

Call her Nirbhaya or Asifa, does that make a change? NO, because they all went through the pain one cannot handle.

Who has taught us to hold a candle and protest in this world else we know how Mahabharat and Ramayan were written depicting women as the strongest and respected figure.

Women were capable of fighting but were left stranded in this era.

Aren’t the duties and laws of the country, including the government, questionable when it comes to women’s safety?

Will hanging the wrongdoers build a sense of fear among other devils?

It took 7 years to seek justice for Nirbhya, 10 days for the Dalit girl, how long will it take for other girls to seek justice.

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