7Classes, The Edtech Startup That Wants Take Forward The Legacy Of Anand Kumar’s Super30


What Inspired The Start-Up 7Classes?

We are all familiar with the name Anand Kumar, the founder of Super30.

Anand Kumar, a famous yet down to earth person, was welcomed as a guest on the famous Indian quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

He started the classes to bring the technical minds of poor yet intelligent children equal to the rich and intelligent students.

IIT-JEE is one the most competitive exams and thousands of students sit in the exam hall to get a seat in the most esteemed colleges of the world, IITs.

A batch of 30 students was built by Anand Kumar and he managed to give to the world a 100% JEE-main qualified batch of his students.

Now his legacy will be taken forward by his students to bring it up as a start-up.

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Anand Sharma Super30
Anand Sharma | Image Credits: Careerzima

How Will His Legacy Be Forwarded To Newer Generations?

Anup Raj, an IIT Bombay alumni, and a Super30 former student is all set up to fly Anand Sharma’s legacy to the highest cloud we can touch.

Anup Raj, with his co-founders Arun Kumar Gupta, Ranjan Kumar Soni, and Arvind Patel has started a start-up where each student will be given individual attention for 20-25 minutes.

Anup Raj, Founder Of 7Classes, Super30 Alumni
Anup Raj | Image Source

7classes is a setup for students who wish to achieve success in life and want to clear an entrance exam which can turn their lives upside down.

7classes have been set up in a manner similar to Super30. In Super30, a batch of 30 students was taught at the same time, in 7Classes, a batch of 7 students will be taught at the same time.

Building such a platform where the teacher can focus on almost every student and give him or her at least twenty minutes every day will be enough if the student will also focus.

In today’s coaching classes, it is quite difficult for the teacher to keep an eye on every student’s problems. So, keeping that in mind, 7Classes will make sure every student gains what he or she has dreamed of!

“We started in 2017 and worked on a confidence-based model where after each and every question the student is asked if you are confident or not. Having tried and tested it in front of IIT Bombay and later in Bandra, we are now planning to scale it up”, said Anup Raj in an interview.

Anup has also stated how he has noticed that students often panic before exams and hoe they end up making wrong choices during the paper. It keeps the students under a pressure of wrong and affects their results.

“Working on this model has actually brought results where we are able to show real projection of results to the students”, said Anup.

It was decided by the company to focus on 9th and 10th students to boost their confidence when it comes to marks.

The start-up will soon be showing off in the markets of Dubai, India and The United States of America.

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Funding For 7Classes

Image Credits: Skillsoutlook

Very famous and young investors, Venture Catalyst has focused on newly launched Indian start-ups which focus on the betterment of the students.

Venture Catalyst was found by Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Anuj Golecha, Anil Jain, and Gaurav Jain in 2015. Venture Catalyst has forwarded their support to spread the start-up within the hearts of the cities.

“We are confident that their unique teaching model will receive a positive response from both students and parents across India, Dubai and the US,” Apoorva Ranjan Sharma said in an interview.

Venture Catalyst invests anywhere between $250,000 and $1.5 Million in early-stage start-ups. They will be doing the same by keeping their bets on 7Classes.

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