Uable, A Life-Skill Development For Kids Launched By Vedantu Co-founder

What is Uable?

Saurabh Saxena, the co-founder of Vedantu and Lakshya, is back with a venture named Uable.

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The platform is specially designed for skill development for kids which focuses on category 6 to 12 years old.

Creativity and future-ready skills will help them enjoy their childhood and introduce to a real word as an exposure.

Currently, the platform is available as a beta version but soon will be launched with better enhancements.

The most intriguing facility that this education platform provides is a focus on the school curriculum instead of entrance exam preparation for college.

Tutoring your child at an early age according to the college curriculum will definitely take away their childhood. Uable is cashing on the same opportunity but focusing on the school curriculum.

“I wanted to build a playful learning system that was beyond the classroom, where children can play and nurture the intelligence creativity and with skills like empathy, which are complementary to school education” said Saurabh Saxena in an interview.

Nurturing young minds at an age of 6 requires patience. Maturing them at an age of 6 requires 9 to 5 teaching.

Have you ever thought of how this teaching has turned their childhood goals into their parents’ idea of a perfect life for them?

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What makes it so special?

When it comes to killing the framework of future thinking at age 6, Uable has left all the platforms behind making it one of the friendliest skills-based platforms for youngsters.

Taking a child beyond the barriers of imaginations and curiosity, this platform develops in them skills which can unlock the hidden potential.

Imagination and creations should be the way every student grows up with.

Communication, creativity, collaboration, and consciousness should determine how students define the endless possibilities and not by how they answer every question in class.

Real-world skills are something these young minds should be introduced to.

Entrepreneurship, learning, developing interest to advance pathways is Uable’s technique to keep the interest of students live.

Uable is a platform which is like the friendship goals-“Tom to my Jerry and Bassanio to my Antonio, hard to keep up with but always together for building you step by step”.

With passionate teachers and mentors, students will likely feel the classes as a party with the teachers.

Like-minded people build unexpected ideas and when inspired by each other, they build something fascinating.

No doubt nubile minds are smarter than teenage minds but why take away childhood by building platforms which doesn’t help them survive in the society alone?

Uable comes with the ability for students which school-level problems and not lifelong crisis.

Funding And Creativity Festival

Uable has raised its seed funding from Venture Capital Firm, 3one4 Capital, and a clutch of angel investors which includes Pine labs’ CEO, Amrish Rau.

“We are going 50% month on month that you are able make sense in a post covid world” said Saurabh Saxena.

Looking to expand the platform globally by targeting parents and children in Indian metros, Saurabh Saxena aims to build a secure future for the youngsters.

“We have run a pilot in Singapore and plan to do one in the US and we’ll then launch in this market in the near future” said Saurabh Saxena.

Currently, 25,000 signups have taken place on Uable.

Saurabh Saxena is planning on growing the base to about a lakh, by end of 2020.

School curriculum has also focused on studies rather than real life problems one can face. Uable comes with a hope of building skills of creativity and imagination for bright future.

Uable has initiated an online creativity festival to improve communication and searching skills for students.

The festival was taken place online to embed the youngsters which meet skill development and creativity building.

Actor Kalki Koechlin has, with her presence in a masterclass, challenged the parents to engage with their child for challenges.

Anisha Mandhania, an art educator, has built a possibility of solving problems with creativity to make students not run away from problems but deal with them.

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