Kirana Charzer, A Start-Up That Turns Kirana Stores Into Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Kirana Charzer

Kirana Charzer: What Is This Sorcery?

How amazing it would be to have an access to the petrol pumps next to the house or at the end of their Street!

The government is setting up an infrastructure to change the platform from petrol or diesel-run vehicles to electrical vehicle platform various charging stations.

The Kirana Charzers took an initiative, in February 2020, according to which our kirana store, restaurant or even our offices could be turned into a charging station to provide accessibility.

The Indian government has come up with a vision of “All-Electric Vehicles” on roads by 2030.

All experts are in doubt if the vision can be achieved in such a short period.

Major auto brands like Tata, Kiya, MG Motors have slowly launched there EV sturning the look of the market towards the government’s target.

“Our aim is to have a charging station on every street of every City,“ said Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal, co-founder of Kirana Charzer.

Other members of the start-up include Dheeraj Reddy and Yug Raj Shukla in the EV fleet management start-up. They are currently working with the government on EV policy consultations.

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What made the installation planning so serious?

The idea to bring the plan into reality was a result of an incident. Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal’s best friend, due to some issues, ran out of charge of electric bike for over 4 hours on Bengaluru roads.

“He almost swore off EVs then. But our idea was to ensure no one has to go through such an ordeal again” said Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal.

The start-up has begun with a huge order of 2000 orders. 520 orders out of 2000 were from the Kirana stores.

“Due to COVID-19, our manufacturing got delayed but now we have an installation in Bengaluru and Trivandrum, “ said Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal.

Dhiraj Reddy, other co-founder of Kirana charzer, has informed that the installation will soon begin from March.

What is interesting about the Kirana charzer?

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The intriguing facility which provides a cheaper cost and wider reach is the most interesting feature of Kirana Charzer.

The Charzer is compatible with cars, scooters and three-wheelers but they have restricted their focus on four-wheelers. Since the country is more dependent on easy-going vehicles, focus stays on two and three-wheelers.

“We made the design of cells keeping India’s infrastructure in mind. Currently, we don’t have a charging station that is designed for India and we also realized that we have to keep the low cost that store owners can afford it” said Jaiswal.

With the revenue of the 80 to 20 share model, the Charzer app will be responsible for the processing of the payments.

“The app is a one-stop-shop for all EV charging needs, all the charging stations will be listed on the app and any EV owner can just go through the list to find the nearest charging station” said Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal.

Their goal is to install 10, 000 Kirana Charzers by December 2021.

The head-turning news about the Kirana Charzers is – the owner of the charging station will be able to earn 100% revenue from EV charging.

The first Charzer is under testing and soon to be installed in Bangalore.

“We have been in the EV domain and realized that EVs cannot become mainstream until charging infrastructure is present. There is an urgent need for millions of charging stations in India. We want to do a part in growing the ecosystem and plan to install one lakh charging stations in 2020. In a pilot stage, we have received orders for 470 charging stations. We have payments; the charging hardware costs Rs.10, 000. We have also partnered with EV manufacturers Hero electric and Jeetendra EV Tech and will provide free subscription for the users in the charzer app for 60 days” said Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal during his presentation.

“Charging stations are the petrol pumps of the future and we want the common man to benefit from it instead of the select few. Real care and adoption can only happen if the general public gets involved in getting up the charging infrastructure. We have design coronavirus keeping these issues in mind” he added.

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