Smallcase, An Investment Tech Start-Up Raises INR 99 Crore In Series B Funding Round

Smallcase Founders

Smallcase is a 2016 launched Bangalore-based investment start-up founded by- Vasant Kamath, Rohan Gupta and Anugrah Srivastava.

Found in 2015, it is a thematic investor platform in public market.

The IIT- Kharagpur graduates, in 2015, provided an easy investment in a collection of stocks which were based on a particular opportunity.

With an employee count of 104, as per records till 31st March 2020, it has more than 2.5 lakh investors on their platform.

The company had a valuation of $20 Million, records of 2018.

Smallcase Founders
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Smallcase Raises INR 99 Crore In Series B Funding Round

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The exchange-transaction trades will soon be a part of the start-up to fortify their infrastructure of the platform.

Smallcase ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund) between equities and gold have proven the low risks with a daily change of 1.46% and CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10.45%.

Fixing their weights between 70% and 30% using Nippon India ETF, Nifty Bees, the company has managed the call for non-violent prices.

During the company’s nubile stage, a $459K funding was raised as a SEED followed by $1.63 Million on 17th July 2017.

On 1st July 2018, the company was raised with remarkable funding of $5.68 Million in the series A funding stage.

With Blume Ventures holding 16.4%, Vasanth Kamath (Founder) holding 11.5 %, and Sarika Ganuthula (Angel) holding 0.5% of the shares, the company has led its way towards good fortune.

In 2019, their fundraisers, Sequoia Capital India, raised an enormous $8 Million fund in series A funding round.

Various investors took an initiative to participate in the same funding round namely- Straddle Capital, Blume Ventures, Beenext Pvt Ltd, WEH Ventures and DSP Adiko.

Smallcase has made their impact on the market after their availability on prodigious brokers-Zerodha, HDFC Securities, AxisDirect, Edelweiss and 5Paisa.

The clasp of giant investors and their ginormous shareholdings for the company are remarkable.

Smallcase has, according to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, has apportioned 55 equity shares of value INR 10.

Smallcase is raising series B funds securing 99 crore INR from a batch of fine investors. Series B funding was initiated by fundraisers- BEENEXT, DSP Asset Management, Sequoia Capital India, Unitary Funds, and Milestone Trusteeship.

Few other notable fundraisers include Nakul Zaveri (Relativity Investment Advisors), QED Innovations Lab, Chanakya Value Creation, and Tanmay Bhatt (AIB).

  • Sequoia Capital India owns 20.71% stakes, highest among all the fundraisers.
  • Milestone Trusteeship has picked 10 shares for a stake of 2.90%,
  • BEENEXT owns 7.28% stakes.
  • DSP Adiko Holdings has picked up 831 CCPS for a 3.17% stake.
  • Chanakya Value Creation raising the stakes to a value of 5.01% with 5 equity shares.
  • Tanmay Bhatt has picked 10 shares for a 0.3% stake.
  • Nakul Zaveri has picked 5 shares with a 0.3% stake.
  • Universal Trustees Private has raised their shareholding to a 1.56% stake for 156 shares.

This funding will be used for future investments in platforms where there might be more profit to investors. Fundraisers have shown keen interest in the Indian start-up platform and invested with a few expectations of betterment.

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