Vivriti Capital Raises 100 Crore INR From Its Existing Investors.

What Is Access To Finance?

Access to finance has the ability to accelerate economic growth and intensify the competition within the country. Individuals who have obtained services like credit, deposit, insurance, and various risk management factors are described as Access To Finance Individuals.

No access to financial ability is served under the category of unbanked or underbanked. Lack of Regulation and supervision leads to a financial crisis that will bring in an economic crisis, which was highest in 1930 and occurred back in 2008.

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Vivriti Group

Vivriti Capitals Founders Gaurav Kumar And Vinit Sukumar
Gaurav Kumar and Vinit Sukumar, Founders of Vivriti Capital | Image Source: Timesnext

Vivriti group is a registered Non-Banking Finance Company investing in start-ups and various other departments. Vivriti group owns a Property Management section called Vivriti AMC which focuses on investments of fixed income investors.

The 2017 established company manages the debt platform called CredAvenue.

Vivriti capital is a marketplace receiving funds from various investors. They have their headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Founders of the company are Aniket Deshpande, Gaurav Kumar, Irfan Mohammed, Somendra Ghosh, and Vineet Sukumar.

Vivriti funding was a series B funding and now a three-step funding investor. They are represented as the profit company with efficient access to Financial Services.

The usual investor class has coverage of extensive financial experts.

The company’s principal motive is determined by the needs of the client. Vivriti capital is a team of various members who lead the investment members towards Investments and look into their matter carefully.

Till date, they have always managed to handle the client’s matters without any problematic scenarios. Initially, they had an active technology count of 23.

Soon fresh platforms will be launched, followed by financing and the chain management supply.

Vivriti Capital Raises 100 Crore INR From Its Existing Investors

Vivriti Capital Raises 100 Crore From Creation Investors
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“We will also invest more into our Asset Management Business to set up in launch unique fund spanning the BBB 2888 fixed-income universe” said Gaurav Kumar and Vineeth Sukumar.

Vivriti capital is funded by its existing investor Creation Investment since the start of the profit business.

The firm raised around $50 Million in March from LGT Lightstone Aspada and around $42 million from Creation Investments in 2019.

Creation investments have been a long term investor in our country and have decided to help build the system from ashes to a shining star.

$14 Million [approximately Rs.100 crore] have been raised by the Vivriti Capital with the help of Creation Investment.

The capital bouillon raised the company’s egalitarianism to approximately $105 Million since its establishment in 2017.

“Vivriti is uniquely placed in the Indian ecosystem is a lender and facilitator of date in the impact space with the unparalleled technology platform strong management team and comprehensive product offerings. The Macro environment in the last 6 months brought out the potential of Vivriti Marketplace through which they facilitated debt raise for a large number of clients as well as help investors in the due diligence and deal executions” said Tyler Dey, director of Creation Investment Capital Management.

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