‘Nambikkai Inaiyam’ A New Blockchain Platform Of Tamil Nadu To Be Inaugurated By CM Edapaddi K Palaniswami

IT secretary Hans Raj Verma is in media sights after the launch of the foundational policies in Tamil Nadu leveraging in Artificial Intelligence and Block-chain Technology. Tamil Nadu is the first state to provide access of block-chain cyber-security to its citizens.

What is a blockchain platform?

The block-chain platform is an artificially circulated and handled platform. It has the ability to store the data and store it in devices which are accessible through other devices. The major use of bitcoin is a common trade in block-chain.

Block-chain as a backbone of Tamil Nadu:

Tamil-Nadu, Chennai, has crossed its boundaries by thinking out of the box about block-chain for the betterment of its citizens. Chief minister Edapaddi K Palaniswami revealed the policies during the farewell ceremony of the 19th edition of Connect, 2020.

To change the aspects of the city, the chief minister has brought into attention the policies which will outsmart the ancient ways of offering services to the citizens. The services are enabled by bringing knowledge proof of Identity-based services delivery project.

A Revolutionary way to enhance the class of the citizens on services will bring out the best in them. Major elimination of G2C [Government to Citizen] services would take place after acquiring a huge number of consultations with the government department.

Artificial Technology is an emerging stream which, if used with proper care, can turn the country into the world of Paradise. Block-chain was launched on 19 September 2020 in Tamil Nadu to deploy e-governance applications.

CM Edappadi K Palaniswami | Image Source

What is Numbikai Inaiyum as a block-chain in Tamil Nadu?

The Numbikai Inaiyam is state’s block-chain backbone. It will be a platform defining the enhancement in public sectors, start-ups, private sector, transact, and building secure applications would be their priority with an efficient workflow.

The pros and cons of the technology were taken into consideration before performing on block-chain. The efficient way of service delivery to the public for adapting to the AI solutions was a rigorous task for the initials and members of the development committee.

A platform which is defined for a security-based facility will provide a long term work. The challenges will be difficult to face in order to use AI Technology. With modern changes, the government aims for the betterment of the citizens.

This policy has ensured that the government’s access to services would be an anytime service. The main motives of the establishment of block-chain in the state are to spread awareness about the technology and its various impacts on people if used properly.

It focuses on secure, efficient, faster, transparent, and easy transfer in delivery services to its citizens. It also focuses on how the people of the state will be mature enough for self-development and provide high-level plants for future.

The main focus is on strengthening on Tamil Nadu’s power technology to act as a leader within the country and spread the word globally.

Image Source: The News Minute

How is this aid to the people of the state?

AI-related solutions will be brought into consideration of the citizens within a span of time till the citizens to get comfortable. The policy will be controlled by the central or State Law and on by the state government.

Any aid or problems will be directly or indirectly received by the government and act as a single source. Priority includes the security risk reduction strategy which will be helpful for future establishments in the state.

Two other policies implemented to connect 12,524 villages for providing high-speed connectivity.

The upgraded IT infrastructure has led Tamil Nadu to be a destination of choice for the IT sector. The transformation through the creation and human talent with high skilled people made it possible to bring high security-enabled system within the state.

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