MI Vs CSK Highlights IPL 2020: CSK Won The Match By 5 Wickets

With the field covered with a layer of grass, our Men in Yellow and Men in Blue entered the field with great enthusiasm and sportsman spirit. Wind and large boundaries will definitely affect the playing but aren’t those men the superheroes of IPL?

MS Dhoni entered the field with the whole Maahi Attitude, which is enough for a comeback. Under his captaincy, he managed to conquer the land as CSK’s village and prove what they are!

Image Source: Hindustan Times

MI Vs CSK Match Highlights

Who won the toss?

Chennai Super Kings, on winning the toss, have already announced how fierce the game will be. They decided to bowl first, maybe because they wanted to know the strengths of the opponent’s batting to give them a huge surprise attack of continuous wickets!

How much did the MI score?

MI had a harsh attack by CSK when their opening batsman Rohit Sharma could score only 12 runs. Later, Q. De Kock scored 33 runs, S. Yadav scored 17 runs, S. Tiwari scored 42 runs, Pandya scored 14 runs but his 2 sixes were worth the watch, Pollard scored 18 runs, K. Pandya scored 3 runs, J. Pattinson scored 1 run, R. Chahar scored 2 runs, T. Boult with 0 and Bumrah with 5 runs.

Best Wickets And Turns:

The striking catch by Faf Du Plessis on Jadeja’s ball was a total burn for MI. Faf Du Plessis, with his outstanding catches, caught the attention of the viewers. His astounding jumps and leaps were a highlight of the match.

With MS Dhoni, as our Outstanding wicket-keeper, he and the team members made it difficult for the opponent team to stay in NOT-OUT state. More notable scenes of the match were the high sixes by both the teams.

With so many falls of wickets and sky-high jumps along with a few misses, it was CSK who knocked out the whole MI Team allowing them to score only 162 runs/9 wickets.

CSK put pressure on MI so hard, they managed to make only 4 sixes. A very close catch, Faf Du Plessis’s boundary catch, which if missed, would have been a hard turn in the match for CSK.

During the break:

After the first half, it was time for a break. A social distance discussion among the players was held. Players, drowned in sweat and mud, obviously needed some rest.

When CSK came to bat:

When CSK came for batting it was M. Vijay as their opening batsman. Making just 1 run in 7 balls was a moment of fear for CSK but they managed to snap MI’s neck with their amazing batting skills.

Vijay made a score of 1 run, S. Watson of 4 runs, Faf Du Plessis made 58 runs and A. Rayudu had an amazing score of 71 runs in the match. R. Jadeja of 10 runs, S. Curran of 18 runs, it was an amazing partnership of these people who made it possible for CSK to win and those amazing 5 sixes were too beautiful to watch.

Curran’s batting was a masterstroke as he made 18 runs in just 6 balls.

With Faf Du Plessis and Dhoni not out, it was a total relief for the team members and fans too.

Player of the match:

Ambati Rayudu delivered exceptionally amazing batting skills on the field and was hence titled PLAYER OF THE MATCH.


It was the men in yellow who took away the hearts of its fans. They won the match by 5 wickets and made 166 runs, 4 more than MI.


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