Tata Starbucks First Drive-Thru Outlet Now In India

Tata Starbucks wins the race of opening the first drive-through outlet in India. With its first outlet opening in Zirakpur, Punjab, The drive-through has officially opened its doors on the 10th of July. The store is precisely located on Ambala-Chandigarh Expressway and is now fully operational. 

Tata starbucks drive thru in Punjab India
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What would happen if we would be able to take away food by staying in the comfort of our cars when out for some long and delightful journeys?

Isn’t it going to be convenient?

Voila!! Our dreams have now come true with the first-ever Tata Starbucks drive-thru in India.

At the ease and comfort of our cars, We will now be able to pick up our Starbucks orders from our cars. The drive-thru window would offer the same menu of items that are already present at Starbucks locations. Moreover, the cafe consists of two levels of in-store seating with free wi-fi facility and Starbucks merchandise.

Starbucks is a 50:50 venture with TATA Global Beverages. The store now adds up to the 187 other outlets that are present in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara. 

Tata Starbucks Drive-Thru In India
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“Why wait for your brew, when you can drive-thru?” is the digital marketing campaign tagline that had been followed by the company.

Navin Gurnaney, CEO, Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. stated “The scenarios are now changing, customers are worried about the hygiene and social distancing has become a mandate”.

Keeping these points in mind, the drive-thru format is expected to become a success. Also, The concept of the drive-thru is a part of Starbuck’s post-COVID-19 strategy which ensures social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene.

“The opening of our first drive-thru store showcases our commitment to evolving our brand and business in India and providing new and meaningful experiences to our customers,” said the CEO.

Tata Starbucks CEO Navin Gurnaney
Navin Gurnaney, CEO, Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd.            Image Source

The company is also increasing its focus on digital solutions such as transacting through the mobile app. Moreover, the company is also working on the home delivery option to reach out to customer’s doorstep as people would not prefer going out the crowded places such as Quick service restaurants and stores post-COVID situations.

Tata Starbucks is also working on its e-commerce play as part of its omnichannel retail strategy and will be making some exciting announcements soon. Over expansion plans, Gurnaney exclaimed that Tata Starbucks would continue to grow and expand with optimism in the Indian market by expanding its reach and also introducing innovative offerings inspired by Indian delicacy in its menu to the customers. 

The company is confident over its relationship with customers and expects the “Starbucks” experience to bring them back. The company has asked its property owners to waive the rentals due to COVID-19 situations which led to the closure of stores and impacted the business.

Tata Starbucks has also announced grants for its employees offering benefits to support them. This includes access to medical assistance. Any employee diagnosed with COVID-19 has been promised a paid leave until his/her full recovery. Additionally, the partners required to self-quarantine will be granted an additional 14 days paid leave.

With all the above company efforts, the drive-thru is expected to be a huge success. It would not be much of a surprise if other competitors and QSRs are seen to be following Starbucks ’ drive-thru concept soon.