Coronil: Everything You Need To Know About Patanjali’s COVID-19 Drug

Baba Ramdev is known as the Yoga Guru. These days the world is facing coronavirus pandemic. The cases of corona patients are increasing day by day. Every country’s scientists are trying to make vaccines of this novel coronavirus. But on Tuesday, Baba Ramdev announced that Patanjali has made a medicine to defeat the coronavirus, which will cure patients completely within a week. Baba is describing this as a big achievement, but the government did not like this thing and now the matter became the cause of controversy.

Baba Ramdev announced this vaccine launch at a press conference on the afternoon of 23 June at 1 pm. He said that Patanjali has succeeded in making ‘Coronil’ medicine to cure coronavirus patients. This announcement of Baba Ramdev went live on all TV channels. As soon as the AYUSH ministry of the Central Government got the news of Coronil, taking automatic cognizance, they stopped the promotion of this medicine and also asked for necessary information from Patanjali.

eveything you need to know about coronil

Here are the main things you should know about Coronil:

1. As per Baba Ramdev’s statement, the Coronil comes as a kit consists of tablets, Anu Oil, and Swasari Vati. Patanjali tweeted about this vaccine a few days ago. they wrote that these tablets were made of Ashwagandha, Giloy, and Tulsi Leaves.

2. Ramdev told us that his Coronil has been made of more than 100 compounds. This entire corona vaccine kit will improve the immunity of human beings.

3. The patient should have two tablets a day with hot water after 30 minutes of having a meal.

4. These Coronil tablets are perfectly suitable for 15-80 years old people. Also for the children, the dosage should be half of the adults.

5. According to the reports, the Patanjali conducted two stage-trials of this vaccine. The first trail was a clinical study held in Delhi, Ahmadabad, and many more cities. The study results show that patients included 100% of a recovery after the trial process on them.

6. The company is assured that their medicine cured all tested corona patients and none died during the procedure of trail. Baba Ramdev also claimed that 69% of their patients recovered within three days of giving Coronil.

7. The company said that they will soon give their testing reports as evidence to the Government of India.

8. The adequacy of Patanjali’s medication on the COVID-19 fix has not been verified by any autonomous clinical body starting as of now. The World Health Organization (WHO) had as of late said that while a few medication preliminaries are progressing, there is at present no evidence that any medication can fix or forestall Covid-19.

These days, India has a large number of corona patients. The count reached 4.5 lakh of people. Whereas, there are more than 14,000 patients have died due to this pandemic.