Indian Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria Said In Clear Terms That The IAF Is Ready To Deal With Any Attack

Whether India has to fight on one front or five fronts, the Indian Air Force is ready, the statement of the Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria.

People will be well aware of the fact that India is fighting its number one enemy country China. Since the 1962 war, China has entered the Indian border a bit and today the problem is that China wants to keep moving forward with this expansionary policy.

Indian Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria
Source: SSBCrack

Today, India is not a big economic power in the world due to the lack of development of India after independence. If we see everything from a perspective of military power, then the governments of India, considering Pakistan only as an enemy, strengthened the forces accordingly. India is weaker today than China’s military power.

But due to good foreign policies and some of the best weapons in the army, China still cannot compete directly with India. Because there is no country with China today, except for Pakistan and Russia will never support China in this matter. Due to this tension, the Air Force Chiefs roared like Sukhoi Jet against China, RKS Bhadauria said in his statement that the Air Force is fully ready against China.

Source: Financial Express

If Pakistan also comes here, then this time the Air Force is going to give sure treatment to Pakistan. The Indian Air Force today has the best warships as well as the best helicopters in the world. If we talk about BrahMos missile, then China-Pakistan does not have the break of this missile.

Note: Please try and remember the 20 soldiers of India who were martyred by China before buying the Chinese goods, you may get back out of buying that Chinese goods, Jai Hind.