A Meteorite-Like Object Falls from Sky in Rajasthan and Explosion Heard 2 KM Away, Create Foot Deep Crater

An astronomical event took place on 19 June 2020 in Sanchore town of Jalore district of Rajasthan. A meteorite has fallen from the sky near a college in Sanchore in the morning, which is seen by a large number of people. Also, a team of scientists from Jodhpur has also reached Sanchore to study the meteorite.

In a conversation with the media, Sanchore Thanadikari Arvind Kumar said that at seven o’clock in the morning, it was reported that a bright stone fell from the sky near Gayatri College in the town with a loud voice. When the police reached the spot, a black colored metal piece was found stuck in a pit about five feet deep in the ground there.


The metal piece is considered as a meteorite. It has been found that the fallen object was very hot. The police reached the spot on time, after cooling it, removed it from there, and kept it in a jar. They then informed the experts about this event. As per reports, the weight of the object is around 2.78 kg. The meteorite liked stone fell into a pit four to five feet in the ground. The news of meteorite falling from the sky spread like fire in the entire Sanchore town and crowds flocked to see it.

Ajmal Dewasi who was at the spot on the time of this falling object said that “it was seven’o clock in the morning, a sharp bright object appeared from the sky and a sharp explosion occurred when it fell down. After this incident, the people immediately reached the spot and informed the police. This incident happened in an empty space a hundred meters away from my house.”

In Sanchore town of Rajasthan’s Jalore district, the sound of a falling metal piece falling from the sky at 6 am on Friday morning was so loud that it was heard in the surrounding 2 km area. According to eyewitnesses, the speed with which the sound fell on the ground was like a helicopter or a plane falling. After hearing the voice, people arrived to look around.

Although Sanchore police and subdivision officer Bhupendra Yadav after receiving information about the astronomical incident reached the spot. For now, the meteorite has been lifted from there and kept in a safe place. Also, police sealed the spot. No one is allowed to go in that area. The police said that, only after the investigation of the experts, the movement of people will be possible in the area where the incident occurred.

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