DIG of Indore Takes His Order Back Of Deleting 52 Chinese Apps

Indore: A few days ago, many Indian soldiers got killed by China. That is why people of India are erupting slogans of “Boycott Chinese Goods”.  Also as per the Indian Security Agencies, Chinese apps are a major risk to the nation as they are stealing data of users. Agencies also claimed that there are many mobile applications which are sending information and data to other countries.

After this statement of Indian Security agencies, Indore DIG Harinarayan Chari Mishra signed an advisory to police, asking them to “delete 50 Chinese apps including TikTok, as these apps threats their personal data”.

DIG of Indore Takes His Order Back Of Deleting 52 Chinese Apps



But a few hours later this statement of DIG taken down back and issued a new statement. In this second statement, it has been written that “the previously issued advisory was for internal purposes and now we are withdrawing it out. It will be re-issued after some minor changes. We are adding some more Chinese applications name in the list and this statement will be again issued.”

DIG of Indore Takes His Order Back Of Deleting 52 Chinese Apps

In this matter, IG Vivek Sharma said that “these advisories are generally rendered by security agencies like CERT-in. Since the statement issued by DIG had a dubious similarity to being coordinated towards the public not towards the closed organizational rank and file, it was reviewed. He further said that these issued orders of a pervasive nature are made for state-level after some considerations, and not for individual districts.

The commands had come in the setting of the pressure among India and China following the passing of 20 Indian Armymen in severe battle in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley.

Indore DIG order to uninstall 50 Chinese Apps

Indian Security agencies have reportedly listed more than 50 mobile applications that are used for cyber attacks against the nation. This Friday, UP STF (Special Task Force) IG, Amitabh Yash issued an order to their officers and families to uninstall these apps. His order went viral over the internet; the following DIG of Indore took the same step for their officers. DIG said that these apps are unsafe for the country and may steal phone data of users.

News Source: Times Of India