Protest Against Chinese Goods Started, Indian Traders Set Fire To Chinese Goods

India today is surrounded on all sides and is fighting vigorously. At one time, the Congress government of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty had done the work of giving China such strength. For example, at that time, the Nehru-Gandhi government of the time advocated giving China a permanent seat in the UNSC.

The Congress government had raised the slogan of Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai. In 1962, China attacked Tibet, which was an independent country at that time. Due to the agreement with Tibet and the reason for friendship, the Indian Army fought with the Chinese Army for Tibet, but at that time the Nehru Government kept the Indian Army in a very weak position. Along with Tibet, China also occupied 2 Indian territories. The Nehru government gave orders to the army and asked them to kneel in front of China, and with India losing the war, Tibet was made a slave country of China.

Source: ThePrint

The thinking of the Congress government of Nehru-Gandhi was that if we build roads on the Chinese border, China will use it against India by attacking it. Fearing the threats of China, the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty’s government never worked to provide roads, bridges, electricity, and railways there. Congress has always presented India as a weak country in front of China.

The BJP’s Modi government has started the construction of roads, caves, bridges, and laying of rail tracks including electricity and water from 2014 till now without fearing China on the Chinese border. In protest against this, Indian soldiers clashed with the Chinese army and 20 soldiers of India received Veergati. The incident took place on the night of 15 June 2020. According to sources, 43 soldiers of the Chinese army have also lost their lives, China has confessed this loss to China.

Source: South China Morning Post

After this incident, protests against China took place in India, along with the boycott of Chinese goods, the people of India are demanding a retaliatory response to the Chinese army. Along with this, traders have taken strict steps against the Chinese from the soil of Haryana. The Rohtak Trade Association lit Holi on the Bhiwani stand of Rohtak amidst Chinese goods market and shouted against China, Rohtak is a big market for Chinese goods. Now businessmen have vowed that they will not trade Chinese goods.

President of the association Hemant Bakshi said that today we have decided that after today the Chinese will use any item. He said that if we do not do the same trade of Chinese, then China will end on its own. Note- I appeal to the countrymen through our Facebook page and website to please try to reduce their dependence on Chinese goods, you can buy Japanese, Korean or Indian goods as their substitute but it will be expensive but it will definitely harm China.