Indore: A Doctor Lost His Life Due To COVID-19 After Treating More Than 100 Patients

Indore: A very known doctor, surgeon and senior professional in the medical field fighting against COVID-19 at Indore’s forefront have lost his life due to the COVID-19 infection. Dr. Ajay Joshi died on Tuesday at Choithram Hospital due to COVID-19.

Dr. Ajay Joshi Lost His Life In Indore Battling Against COVID-19
Source: NDTV

Dr. Joshi, who was working in the IndexMedical College, had been getting the treatment of COVID-19 disease at Choithram Hospital for the last 16 days. Joshi, a 57-year-old doctor, has so far treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients in Madhya Pradesh before getting a positive report of COVID-19.

Dr. Ajay Joshi Lost His Life In Indore Battling Against COVID-19
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Three other doctors and eight hospital nurses have so far tested positive for the dangerous Covid-19 disease. One of the doctors is still under treatment, but the others have been recovered.

On May 29, Dr. Joshi was transferred to an ICU bed but the condition was getting worse. He had a number of diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, pancreatitis, and had gone under bypass surgery 15 years ago. He died at 2.35 AM on Tuesday, despite doctors’ efforts.

This is really sad! Doctors who are treating Coronavirus patients are getting into serious trouble. They are risking their families and life for us and we should also cooperate with them by following the rules of Social-Distancing and stuff.

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