Boycott China Campaign Is Reaching To Every Corner Of The Country

There were a few questions that were arising on the issue of “Boycott Chinese Apps And Hardware”. For example, some were raising questions on twitter for removing the Amul India ad from its platform which was promoting Boycott China campaign and also on the Google Playstore which removed several Indian apps like “Mitron”, “Remove China Apps” and many more which were some alternatives to Chinese apps. We are very sure that companies like Google and Twitter are doing this because of the pressure coming from the side of China. China is totally shaken at this time after seeing the unity of Indians towards this campaign of “Boycott China.”

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We need not worry about these things happening because to a great extent, it is very good news for us. You must be asking why? Our campaign “Boycott China” is reaching to each and every corner of our nation. The Indians are doing a great job for their nation by boycotting the apps and uninstalling them from their devices which we can observe from the survey conducted by News 18 which states that 91% of Indians are willing to boycott Chinese products which is a very huge number. This also shows that Indians are concerned about their nation and are in the full mood to take revenge from China due to many serious issues and reasons.

Our big movement is affecting China due to which they are forcing the media platforms like Twitter and Google to remove the content which is against them. This can have only one meaning that our campaign “Boycott Chinese Products” is working in a tremendous way. “Global Times”, a very repudiated media house covered an article telling that Indians cannot survive without Chinese products and this is too good news because media houses like “Global Times” will not cover any topic which is not impacting the world. They have also seen the change coming and tried to defend China.

We should continue our campaign till the very last moment and we Indians are capable of achieving our goals. This is our history and we believe that our nation is before any other things and if someone will try to target our nation, we Indians will give them the answers. Kindly support this campaign because we are the only “Wallet Soldier” of our country who can save their nations from the web of China and its plans. Jai Hind!

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Divye Agarwal
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