Why China Is A Global Superpower? Explained By Internet Sensations Abhi & Niyu

Why China Is Winning?

The couple Abhi & Niyu, the people who recently got viral through their Instagram videos have recently released a video with the title “Why Is China Winning” and that video has already received more than 700 thousand views in less than 16 hours.

To understand why China is a global “Superpower” it is necessary to understand the secrets of China’s success. In their video, they mainly targeted three important reasons for China’s success. They stated that China got independence in 1949 and India in 1947, then what are the main differences between these two nations?

China became the World’s factory after 1980 and started focusing on its economy. They urged other countries to invest in China and China will invest in their people for a better service. Here are the three reasons that were mainly targeted in the video of Abhi & Niyu.

1. Skilled Labour Available In China

Unskilled labours are easily replaceable because of the growth factor and mainly unskilled labours does not have any identity. But, skilled labours are that type of assets for a company which they do not want to lose because of their skills and experience. China has a large number of skilled labours because of their vocational training (practical training) which is easily available everywhere in schools, colleges, industries. This is one of the main reasons for the greater employment rate in China and in India the jobs are not guaranteed even after graduation.

Chinese Labour

2. Cluster Development

China created “Special Economic Zones” or clusters where each company could get everything they needed in just one area without looking for any other sources. Through this, infrastructure was developed, connectivity increased and they created opportunities for people. “Special Economic Zones” are in India as well but without migration control. Indians have a mindset that believes that development could only take place in major cities but the fact is cities are already overpopulated and this problem in India became a humanitarian crisis during the pandemic. China encourages rural people to set up local businesses.

3. Government Supports Businesses

For example, when China started building ports in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries, China ensured that a Chinese company should get the contract. In short, China gives loan to other countries and with the help of those loan amounts, the country in debt hire a Chinese company and also pays interest to the Chinese government. The Chinese government supports the industries by helping them in getting contracts and the company grows. Out of 500 Global Fortune companies, 129 companies are from China, and only 7 from India.

What We Indians Can Do?

Our education system is a big failure and that we all know. We should believe more in knowledge than degrees as said in the famous film “3 Idiots.” The government should create skilled based opportunities for the workers and this can help in developing the country. The ranking system for small businesses and industries should be launched. We can help our country by giving a small contribution. Jai Hind!

You can watch the Instagram video of Abhi & Niyu Video Here

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