Indore: Surprising Results Came Out After Doing Plasma Therapy, 59 Patients Recovered

Indore: Local Mahatma Gandhi Memorial i.e. MGM Medical College has shown positive and encouraging results of plasma therapy in the treatment of Covid-19 infected people.

Dr. Jyoti Bindal, Dean doctor of MGM Medical College, said that so far the patients who have been treated with this therapy are improving their health and the condition is stable. According to the dean, the condition of such patients is being monitored and their health is being updated to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).


MGM Medical College has collected plasma from people who have already recovered from the COVID-19 disease and have developed antibodies in their body. He told that a similar trial is being done in Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Science.

Permission of trials that are being carried out to eradicate the infection of the COVID-19 virus through plasma therapy has been granted to MGM Medical College in Indore.  After which the process of the plasma therapy was started here.


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Yesterday, 59 patients were discharged from two hospitals in Indore. They were in the age group of ten to 72 years. Along with Aurobindo Hospital, these patients also recovered from the Index Medical College, beating Covid-19 disease.

At the same time, the report of the highest 1988 samples of Corona testing has been released on Thursday. 54 new patients were found in it. That means the infection rate came down to 2.7 percent. However, the deaths have still not been controlled. Four deaths were confirmed. With this, the death toll has reached the number of 149. According to the Health Department report, CMHO in-charge of Dr. MP Sharma said that a total of 41692 patients have been screened so far.

Of these, 3687 Covid-19 infected patients have been found in which 2248 patients have recovered and sent back to home, while 1295 patients are being treated in hospitals, while samples of 1802 suspected patients have been sent for the screening.

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