Is Chintu Ka Birthday Worth Watching? Here Is A Detailed Review

Chintu ka birthday movie review

Here is a review of ‘Chintu Ka Birthday’  starring Vinay Pathak, Tilottama Shom, Vedanta Raj Chibber, Bisha Chaturvedi, Seema Pahwa, Khalid Masau and Mir Mehros.

Before starting the review, it is necessary to know about the background of the movie.

  • Directed by-Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh
  • Duration- 1 hour, 23 minutes
  • Streaming Platform- Zee5
  • Short Summary Of The Movie- The family wants to make a cake for a boy named Chintu and wants to celebrate his birthday, even in the lockdown. The film is the story of a middle-class family trying to celebrate the birthday of a six-year-old child whilst tackling the extraordinary situation in a war-torn country of Iraq.

Movie Review Of Chintu Ka Birthday

Chintu ka birthday movie review
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Celebrating virtual birthdays has become a new trend during the lockdown. When Chintu Ka Birthday was first displayed during the Jagran Film Festival in 2019, no one was aware that it will become a modern and relevant story. The film is not completely fictitious as it’s set in 2004 against the backdrop of the war-torn country of Iraq.

We can observe that the makers did not waste a single minute narrating the story. We have two loving parents, played by the talented Vinay Pathak and Tilottama Shome. The protagonist of the film is a little kid named Chintu played by Vedanta Raj Chibber, who gives the back story of how they got locked in Iraq and now stuck in the war-torn area due to Saddam Hussein and George Bush.

Chintu alleged Bush indirectly who did not allow him to celebrate his birthday, but his father tried his best to put a smile on his son’s face. The movie is well characterized by the young daughter Laxmi played by Bisha Chaturvedi and Seema Pahwa as Tillotama’s mother.  Bisha’s behavior defends her father and she convinced her grandmother not to behave differently and stop reacting on matters which are of no use.

Chintu ka birthday movie review
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They live in a rented house owned by an Iraqi played by Khalid Massou. He is a loving person who had lost his family and welcomes Chintu and his family dearly. He especially comes home to celebrate the child’s birthday.

The directors have made sure to keep the audience entertained and at some points, you will be very curious to know if Chintu gets to celebrate his birthday or not. Some moments of the movies are totally relatable and relevant in today’s world if we talk about humanity. Two Americans with different attitudes and approaches enter their house as hostages. One wants the family to get ripped apart while the other one does not have such intentions. After being held as hostages, the house saw two youths who did not care about the state of war. They went to celebrate Chintu’s birthday, indicating true friendship.

Chintu Ka Birthday is one of those movies which should have a place in your watch list. The film shows humanity and positive spirits and also signs of hope for a family that soon they will be returning home to celebrate their future birthdays with their dear and near ones.

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