Aakash Malhotra, An Instagram Influencer Goes Viral In Less Than 24 Hours, Appeals People To Boycott Chinese Products

Aakash Malhotra Aka @wanderwithsky Appeal To Boycott Chinese Products

Aakash Malhotra, a digital media influencer, YouTuber, Traveller, and the founder of Digato & Wander With Sky has uploaded a video on his Instagram handle-@wanderwithsky on June 1, 2020 in which he is showing why he deleted Tiktok from his mobile phone and why everyone should delete it. The trending video of Aakash Malhotra is getting attention and traffic more than his usual posts and have gained around 266K views in less than 24 hours.

Aakash Malhotra appeal to boycott chinese products video goes viral on Instagram
Source: @wanderwithsky

He starts his video by saying that he has deleted the Tiktok app from his phone, from his life and that too for his lifetime. He firstly cleared that the reason why he has deleted the Tiktok app is not because of the Youtube vs Tiktok controversy neither because of the cringe content and creator present on the TikTok app. He justified his act of doing this by saying that he is now frustrated because of the Chinese Government’s movements and approach towards India and towards the Indian market.

Aakash stated that during the time of this global pandemic, China is busy in upgrading its trade centers, businesses, armies and continuously investing in the third world countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and trying to cover India from all the four sides to push its own borders.

In this time of the global pandemic, when we all need support and help of each other, China is busy expanding its territories and borders. Not only that, but Chinese companies have also been using the data of their users in a non-ethical manner. The world is criticizing Chinese technology for stealing the user’s data and selling them without any prior permission. Many companies in China is currently facing a tag of ban from America and other global powers.

He further targeted Tiktok and made people aware of the fact that TikTok is tracking the location of each and every user’s and not only that but TikTok is also using the address tag of your sim card which is not allowed.

He further gave a reference to a Youtuber “Technical Guruji” who earlier targeted Xiaomi for tracking user’s data in the incognito mode which Xiaomi declined but later it proved to be true.

He supported the movement of Sonam Wangchuk of “#BOYCOTTMADEINCHINA” and appealed to everyone to start using the local products gradually and not to support the Chinese economy.

Sonam Wangchuk Made An Appeal To All The Indians To Boycott Chinese Goods

He even compared the current boycott movement to the earlier Swadeshi movement started by Great Mahatama Gandhi which later turned out to be one of the reasons for the independence of India. This is the exact same situation where we need to be with our country and start boycotting Chinese software and hardware for the sake of our nation and dignity.

Here’s How Aakash Appealed People To Boycott Chinese Products In His Video

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