53 New Positives Found, 3539 Now Total Infected In Indore; 3 Deaths, Healthy Patients Continue To Return Home, 101 Discharges

Indore: On Sunday, 53 new COVID-19 patients were found. 3 patients also died. The number of hospitalized patients today is 3539. A total of 135 people have died. Even news of the service said that the number of people recovering from the disease is increasing. On Sunday, 101 patients were discharged from two hospitals. Together, a total of 1990 patients recovered and returned home.

Rajiv Singh, director in Aurobindo Hospital said 70 patients came home after recovering from COVID-19, their reports of COVID-19 came negative. One woman said doctors and nurses were taking care of all the patients day and night and we are very thankful to them. We are happy to be back home. At the same time, the 60-year-old has urged the public, to take the coronavirus seriously.

Source: OutLookIndia

A dealer of illegal alcohol tested positive, 7 police officers with 3 normal people have quarantine themselves.

Here, the arrest of a crook selling illicit liquor was overshadowed by the police. Actually, the one who was caught by the policemen turned out to be COVID-19 positive. After this, 7 policemen and 3 common people were quarantined after coming in contact with him. ASP Zone-3 Shashikant Kanakane said that the incident took place on Saturday. In Limbodi village, a team of Tejaji Nagar police station went on a rampage on the information of illegal selling of liquor by a young man. When the young man was given a medical test, he was tested positive.

Ramesh Phadnis Died Due To Covid-19

Ramesh Phadnis, developer of Phadnis Colony, one of the oldest in the city on A.B Road, has died from illness due to Covid-19. He was also having hypertension and diabetes. Upon seeing his condition, he was sent to Aurobindo Hospital. The doctor tried his best to save his life there.

He was still in the ICU for seven days, but died on May 29. The deceased went straight from the hospital to Muktidham. His body was wrapped in a cloth. His family members did not see his body properly. The body was dispatched to the detention center within minutes. The final ceremony was held with children and families.

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