News Cases Of Covid-19 Are Affecting Indore City Again

New COVID-19 Cases In Indore

Indore: The arrival of lockdown 5.0 began on Saturday in Indore when the lockdown 4.0 closed with 4 new patients who tested positive till 4 p.m. The number of patients has increased to 3,431, while there have been 126 corona deaths since March 5 in Indore.

In the capital Bhopal, new cases have increased from 43 to 1,534 since Saturday evening. Since Saturday morning, Bhopal’s markets have become mixed, but people in Indore are becoming more alert.

New COVID-19 Cases In Indore

Liquor stores in three areas including Indore, Bhopal, and Ujjain remained closed in the Red Zone area. The confrontation between the alcohol cartel and the government continued and the licenses refused to comply with the provision to open shops in the green zone.

Contractors are set to take a decision after the Supreme Court issues its decision on June 2. The government has re-examined the manufacturer’s demand rate to reduce license fee sight-a-stall shops. About 80 percent of liquor shops remained closed due to the standoff.

Meanwhile, Indore collector Manish Singh has ordered to fine those who are breaking the lockdown rules about not wearing masks, maintaining social distance, using disinfectants, or spraying in public places. The fine ranged from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000.

Since June 1, Indore district has now been divided into three areas as part of the Blocked Relief Scheme that are rural, urban, and central zone.

New Coronacases In Indore

The 29 villages around the city will receive more activity, and urban cities outside the containment zones will also receive some concessions, while the Central Zone, which is most affected by COVID 19, will be subject to severe conditions under the permit.

Due to the increasing number of patients in Bhopal, new hotspots have been created. Most cases have been reported recently in Jahangirabad, Mangalwara, Hanumanganj area. On Friday, 15 new Corona positive cases occurred in these areas.

Bhopal Collector Tarun Pithode reviewed the business hours for shops and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Saturday onward and ordered exemption under Section 144 for free movement of the public.

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