Kunal Kamra Tried To Give Carry Some Lesson In His New Video: ‘Aaja Beta Carry Tereko Roast Sikhaye’

Kunal Kamra Roasts Carry Minati

The Youtube vs Tiktok controversy has cut a lot of mutiny in the last few weeks. Then one of the famous Youtuber Carryminati jumped into this game. He mocked TikTok and users using TikTok in his video and within no time his video was the most liked YouTube video(non-musical) of India.

It was viewed by more than 70 million times in only a week. YouTube then woke up from sleep and removed Carry’s video from its platform by saying that his video was promoting cyberbullying and harassment. After the removal of the video, the online hashtags trend started. Trends of type #JusticeforCarry and #YoutubeShameOnYou started trending. There was an outcry. Now comedian Kunal Kamra has entered the game. Yes, the same ones who made the wind of the TV anchor wind up in the air.

Kunal Kamra Roasts Carry Minati
Source- Youtube

Kunal has made a video in response to Carryminati’s video. The name of this video is ‘Aaja Beta Carry Tereko Roast Sikhaye’. Roast means to make jokes on a particular person. In his video which was removed from YouTube, he roasted the tiktoker Aamir Siddiqui, in which abusive language was used, comments on sexual orientation and mocking of the third gender. Kunal roasts Carry in his new video and said that Carry’s jokes are offensive and Kunal tried to teach him what real roast is.

Kunal has also tried to troll Carry’s fan in his new video. Kunal tried to give Carry some lesson in his new video, some of them are:-

  • Shouting and abusing in your video does not make you a good roaster or a funny comedian.
  • Roast means to make fun of anyone, not to degrade anyone.
  • Cyberbullying cannot be a part of any roast video

Kunal started receiving hate too on his new video. He got 2,96,000 dislikes till now and still counting.