Lockdown In Indore Can Extend Till June, Says Collector Manish Sharma

Collector Manish Sharma On Indore Lockdown

With the increasing number of Coronavirus patients in Indore, the administration has decided that lockdown will not end even after 31st May. It can be extended till 20-25 June. Public places like malls, cinema halls, schools, temples, gyms, clubs along with Choithram fruits and green vegetable mandi can be opened only till the end of July or August. 

Collector Manish Singh has indicated this in different discussions with journalists regarding the lockdown. According to the collector, there is still no awareness among the people. They are neither following physical distancing nor using masks.

Lockdown In Indore May Extend Till June

People who are negligent towards lockdown

He expressed concern that after seeing the negligence of the people, it is felt that the number of infected people will increase by opening the lockdown. Those who are negligent can also get their family members in trouble by carrying the infection. Also, there will be a fixed spot fine on such people. FIRs will also be registered on those who flock and meet somewhere. Orders will also be issued for this in two-three days

If patients increases, the lockdown will also be extended further

Collector Manish Singh has said that the lockdown should be opened slowly in a phased manner. He explained in a conversation with Naiduniya that we are making a model of opening lockdown. For this, we have made health-related criteria. If the beds are filled in hospitals, the number of patients increases, the number of patients going to ICU, and the number of ventilators will also increase then the infection in the city will be increasing. If this happens, the lockdown will be carried forward.

Lockdown In Indore May Extend Till June

Odd-Even Pattern in the central region

The city central region is the most dangerous in terms of infection. We will not be able to open the central region now. The shops that are necessary will only be opened following the odd-even pattern. Also, their timing will also be different. Even the Jawahar Road will not be opened. There is a containment area on both sides.

Restriction in the whole sale market

People’s entry into the wholesale market will be restricted. Business phones will take orders on WhatsApp. Only the loading-unloading of goods will be allowed. Payment can be made through RTGS.

People should keep these three things in Mind

  • Keep two people within a distance of two meters.
  • Whenever two people are face to face, always use a mask and talk by keeping a distance.
  • Always keep sanitizer in your front pocket and clean your hands every half an hour.

What will open

  • Only private sector offices with 33% staff strength from 1 June
  • There will be a gap of 7 days after 7 days of the opening so that the situation can be evaluated.
  • Shops will be open with an odd-even pattern.

What Will Not Open

  • Public places like malls, cinema halls, schools, temples, gyms, and clubs.
  • Choithram fruits and green vegetable mandi.

News Source: Naidunia