Face Scans And Zigzag Seating, Pharma Firms Redefined Coronavirus Workplace

In this epidemic coronavirus situation, the pharma industries are redefining the working environment for the post COVID19 world such as face recognition, biometric systems, contact-less services, and maintaining social distancing in common areas such as cafeterias.

In actual the pharmaceutical industry is trying to implement and follow guidelines of government for the sake of people in COVID-19 lockdown.

Due to coronavirus, the government is increasing lockdowns. So with the great market demand, the pharmaceutical firms are providing billions of “hydroxychloroquine” tablets with other medicines across the globe to keep pace in the market and overcome lockdown restrictions as well as virus transmission at working sites especially at drug manufacturing factories.

Source: ThePrint

In the starting of lockdown, and due to delays of goods and staff, the pharmaceutical industries produced only 30% of their total capacities. Also they tackled the positive COVID-19 cases. But now they are overcoming and increased the production of medicines. According to recent reports the production capacities are now up to 50-70 percent.

Executive Director of Indian drug Manufacturers Association (IDMA) Ashok Madan said that, “Pharma is the first-ever industry who develops a working place for the post-COVID situation. Also It is an ideal analysis to show the path for corporates intending to re-open the work environment and assembling destinations.”

Despite the supplying problems, the industry has also cleared the minor teething issues and carved their way to serve both domestic and export needs. Madan also mentioned that “Vaghela, secretary, Department of pharma played the key roles to solve logistic and other issues.”

Getting employees to work sites is the first step

The very first problem that the pharma firms faced was getting their employees to the working sites especially the staff which is unavailable to travel due to lockdown restrictions.

Source: ThePrint

While the other pharma companies are still struggling with the staff shortage due to budget constraints. The top best pharmaceutical companies such as Cipla, Cedilla, Sun Pharma, Glen mark, Alembic, JB Chemicals, Jubilant Life Sciences, and Lupin Limited have now sent various transports to get and drop representatives.

New Covid-19 workplace as per government guidelines

All the pharmaceutical companies are redefining their workplaces to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines given by the government. In excess of 10 pharma organizations — top and medium scale — The Print contacted shared a rundown of changes they have presented in their corporate workplaces just as assembling destinations. A dominant part of them has 50-200 workers at corporate workplaces and more than 800-1,300 representatives at each assembling site.

Source: ThePrint

In these new workplaces, every company has face recognition and card swiping machines to avoid physical touch and to maintain social distancing to avoid coronavirus.