More Than 40% Republicans Are Thinking That Bill Gates Is Going To Use Covid-19 Vaccine For Implanting Location-Tracking Microchip In Recipients

According to some news sources it is found that more than 44% of Republicans are thinking that Bill Gates will soon use Covid-19 vaccination for implanting his location-tracking microchip into the vaccine recipient, a paranoid idea that has picked up footing among periphery gatherings and preservationist savants.

Due to these surveys, it is also found that 26% of Republicans don’t accept the bogus microchip immunization story, while 31% stayed unsure on the subject. Half of these surveys have a belief that people who use Fox News as the main news source have a strong belief in this debunked theory of vaccination.

Source: Business Insider

Also according to the poll it has been found that 19% of Democrats and 24% of Independents as well as 15% of people who are using MSNBC as the main news source also have a belief about this microchipping theory of COVID-19 vaccination. As per the earlier sources of Yahoo and YouGov poll it is found that 55% of Americans want the COVID-19 vaccination after its availability.

The rest of the 26% of people are still not sure about the receiving of the vaccine. President of United States Donald Trump said that he has a strong belief in scientists that they will soon found the coronavirus vaccine. He said that they will surely find epidemic vaccination till the end of this year.

While according to some of the experts, it is predicted that the COVID-19 vaccine preparing process will take 12 to 16 months approx. Coronavirus is an epidemic situation that has affected more than 283 countries within a few months. Also this virus is spreading like the fire day by day. Each country is doing research on the coronavirus vaccine. But now as per the sources, the US government is very confident that they will find the vaccine till the end of this year.