Students Can Now Study Engineering And Economics As UGC Permits Students To Pursue Dual Degrees

UGC had permitted students to pursue a dual degree. The condition for completion of a dual degree is that one degree by regular mode and another by online mode.

Now the student can take two degrees at the same time and can take relief of no need of investing more years to take some degree.

UGC Approved Dual Degrees At The Same Time
Source: ThePrint

UGC secretary Rajnish Jain shared that The dual degree programme in India for students which allowed to obtain two degrees the same time has been approved by the commission in its latest meeting. A notification regarding the programme will be shared soon.

The dual-degree that the UGC has now approved will now allow students to pursue technical + psychological degree at the same time, Technical + non-technical degree at the same time. Above are just an example.

UGC Approved Dual Degrees At The Same Time
Source: ThePrint

The final procedure is not yet shared but soon students will get an update. The decision of a dual degree is taken by public opinion.

Many students were asked about their opinion and a large portion of students think that this programme is student-friendly. As this programme need to complete one in online mode and another in regular mode, some community experts have apprehensions about the idea. According to them, some students will find it difficult to complete both the courses at the same time.

This programme will increase employment opportunity to students but the question is how many students will able to complete two degrees at the same time.