Serum Institute India Is Working For Manufacturing COVID-19 Vaccine With 80% Chance Of Success

The world’s largest manufacturer of vaccine by volume, Serum Institute is working for manufacturing COVID – 19 vaccine. On a global level, many countries are in the race of finding a vaccine for novel coronavirus.

The endeavors are mostly being shepherded by Umesh Shaligramthe, head of research and development, his employer is a privately owned business, however consistently before 12 PM Umesh gets a WhatsApp message from the administration requesting updates, and about any new issue he faces.

Source: Business Today

VijayRaghavan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s top scientific adviser also keeping watch on minute details.

Shaligram promptly responds with a progress report and details about the process. “Any delays, you just tell them,” told Shaligram.

Company’s Chief Executive Adar Poonawalla shared India is playing a huge role with the manufacturing of more than 60% of global vaccine by Serum Institute Of India. Adar Poonawala added that “we are all in a race to battle the virus, we all are together in this fight.”

Serum Institute is not the only one, they partnered with U.S biotech firm Codagenx, its U.S. Rival Novavax  (NVAX.O), and Austria’s themis to produce COVID-19 vaccine.


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The process typically takes 4-6 months and they are getting approval come through in every day.

Mr. Poonawalla targeted to initially produce 4-5 million doses, beginning from June, and then gradually increasing up to 350-400 million doses a year. Poonawalla, whose family claims the antibody producer, said researchers, drugmakers, and makers were working together at an unmatched scale to spike advancement and accessibility. 

The Pune-based company starts planning to trial on individuals whether Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine can be used for COVID -19. 

Serum, established in 1966 by Adar’s dad Cyrus Poonawalla. Adar shared that there is an 80% chance of success as this vaccine is based on trial and tested platform.

He shared that even if people get vaccinated it is also important that their body should produce good immunity response. After vaccination, there are chances that people will show mild or severe symptoms. Not everyone responds the same and not all vaccines are effective.

From polio to measles every year Serum institute produces 1.5 billion doses. Now serum institute in connecting and partnered with glass vials and tubing glass suppliers. India has reported nearly 6000 new cases of coronavirus. Till now 118000 cases are recorded with 3500 deaths