Destructive Cyclone Amphan Killed More Than 80 In West Bengal And Odisha: See Pics

190 Kilometers per hour speed of cyclone rampaged through Odisha and West Bengal. This cyclone triggered heavy rain, and an electric short circuit leaving at least 14 people dead.


The Mamta Banerjee, West Bengal Chief Minister, stated that the situation and effect of this Amphan were worst than coronavirus.

Amphan is reported as the strongest cyclone in the history of Bay of Bengal. This cyclone is worst than the 1999 Odisha Cyclone. Odisha cyclone moved at 260 Kmph and killed 10000 individuals.

Source: Reuters

Before cyclone struck happen more than 6.50 lakh people were moved in another area.

Flipping of cars, falling of trees, and blockage of the road by electricity pole is seen in the affected area.

Source: DNA India

A large part of Kolkata was in a massive power cut, North 24 Parganas and South Parganas as this cyclone snapped electricity lines. Communication tower got damaged due to which mobile and internet services were down.

Source: News18

In Bangladesh, over a million people were left without electricity. The worst part about this cyclone was 3 death reported which include a child and 70 years old. Hundreds of houses in Patuakhal have washed away.