France Recorded 70 New COVID-19 Cases In Schools, A Week After Schools Were Allowed To Reopen

On Monday, France education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said that they found 70 new COVID-19 cases in school. Those schools were allowed to reopen last week. France government has closed schools, higher education institutes from March 17 to prevent coronavirus spread. France has recorded more than 180,000 coronavirus infected cases and more than 28000 deaths as of 18 May.

France found new cases of coronavirus despite following social distancing rules in school, where 10 students of preschool were allowed in one class and 15 students another age group in a class.

France recorded 70 new covid-19 cases after schools reopened
Source: NBC News

While talking to French radio station RTL, France education minister shared this new case has seen from the time schools were reopened. Blanquer noted that out of 1.4 million school children who have returned 70 new cases is a small portion of infected students. The affected school were immediately closed. The total number of infected schools were seven. Blanquer not specified about whether infected individuals are students or teachers but he just shared number of infected people. 

Last month Denmark reopen schools, Many parents are still against it. France is one of the European countries, including Norway, Denmark, Germany, The Czech Republic and Poland. This countries have started lifting the lockdown and monitoring things very closely.

Many parents were against the school reopen as children’s are silent “super-spreader” of the disease. Blanquer commented that It will be terrible damage if we stop a new generation from taking education for several months. Schools in the green zone of France will start soon, parents are allowed to keep their children at home.