Pune-Based Auto Driver Feeding Migrants Workers By Using Rs 2 Lakh Saved For His Wedding Ceremony

When this pandemic started people safely stay at home but some people are started starving to death. This pandemic affected those who lived hand-to-mouth. 

The lockdown also has brought out some of the best in humanity, especially from ordinary men and women who went out of their ways to make lives better for others. 

Akshay Kothawale, a resident of Pune, Maharashtra is one of those people who live to serve humanity. Akshay is an auto driver. Akshay was getting married on May 25 but due to this lockdown they postponed, he saved Rs 2 lakh. He was saving this money for his big day. As the ceremony is postponed he use this money to help others. Kothawale and his fiancee decided to distribute food among needy people as there is no point of huge celebration instead this money can poor and migrants survive this situation


Kothawale and his friends are using the money to prepare food. Kothawale and his friends distribute home-cooked food among 400+ people every day.  Kothawale and his friends set up a kitchen and started preparing chapatis and sabzi.  Every day they distribute meals among people at Maldhakka Chowk near the railway station, Sangamwadi and Yerawada areas 


They then go around the city streets and distribute the food among migrant laborers and the poor who are not having any access to food.

Kothawale says that though they were losing income during this lockdown. They still have some money to survive. They were helping those people who can not arrange for one meal. So they started helping people so no one will die of hunger.

People were thanking him and said about his work that Kothwale is providing good quality food to them on a regular basis without missing a single day it helps them feed their family and survive this lockdown.