Migrant Worker Walks 900 Miles With His 15-YO Injured Son On His Shoulder From Punjab To MP

Group of 18 people was walking to their home towards MP, A Police officer Ramkumar Gupta saw a man carrying a boy on his shoulder so he stopped him. Gupta noticed that this man created a stretcher by using Charpai.


This man is carrying his 15-year-old son on the shoulder and moving to their home town by walking. This father-son duo is from Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. When they asked about their decision of moving to MP. Father’s name Rajkumar, broke down and said his son has a severe injury in his neck and not able to walk as this injury causing him pain and there is no mode for transportation, this lockdown has taken away everything from him. This family was working in Ludhiana earning their daily living and now they don’t have any mode of sustenance, decided to move to their home. 


The son Brijesh Kumar is sleeping in this Charpai with a facemask. This duo met Police officer Ramkumar Gupta at Kanpur’s Ramadevi area. Gupta arranges a vehicle for this duo so they can safely go to their native place.

During this corona crisis, this is not the only case of people moving from big cities to their native places. People walking miles with their families.