People Are Asking ‘Is This Atmanirbhar Bharat?’, When A Heart-Breaking Pic Of Migrant Child Goes Viral

Nowadays social media has become the platform where people share heartbreaking reality. While reading and watching, an article where a woman was walking and wheeled a suitcase on which a small child is sleeping it is more aching. People assume that maybe he is tired of walking or falling asleep.


This shows how India and Indian daily wagers are suffering during this lockdown. This video of a child goes viral on the Internet. Many officials share video, tweet, retweet about this image.

Some compare the image of this child with three-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi who died during the European refugee crisis.

This viral photo not only made people cry but also made their hearts filled with pain. Surender Pratap Singh, a journalist who took photos in Agra, shared this group of people walking from Punjab and traveling to Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. This distance is not less than 800km. And it is not easy to walk during the searing summer heat.

One of the biggest mass movements is happening in India and only daily wagers are suffering more. Some freelance wagers earn during the day and earn a living. During this pandemic, they can’t survive. 

Many people were asking and suggesting ways of helping these people. This is not the end of the problem, many underprivileged people are living in India who don’t have access or knowledge to any government schemes. These people are financially weak and helpless. From the time this lockdown took place, many people decided to start their ways from cities to their village. 

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