Sonu Sood’s Act Of Humanity, Arranged 10 Buses For Migrant Workers So They Could Go Home

When hundreds of migrants were stuck in Mumbai and unable to go home fighting with difficulties of surviving lockdown and issues to earn living for their family. Some people started their journey by walking mile by road with their family including old and kids.

When the government tries to help everyone but still it is not easy to provide help and services to each and every person. 

A Big-hearted person came to help them, did his selfless work, and put a good example of humanity. Yes, we are talking about Actor Sonu Sood. His selfless act always keeps him all over the news. Sonu shared that he was thinking of helping people who are stuck in Mumbai, but it wasn’t an easy task to do.


He shared that this is not a single person effort. He asked his friend Neeti Goel for help and other friends, some of them came forward, some were assigned with responsibility for food, some for travel. Collectively they are able to manage 10 buses and collected details of 350 migrants to send them home. 

They put every piece of information on Paper. Further, they ask for permission from the Maharashtra and Karnataka government. The Governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka granted permission and also ensured there is no violation of rules.

When the government granted the permission 10 buses from Thane, Maharashtra on Monday with 350 individuals left for Gulbarga, Karnataka.


This is not the first time that Sonu Sood took a step forward to help people prior he gave up his Juhu hotel to medical warriors. And later donation of 1500 PPE kits in Punjab to doctors. And providing food to migrant workers.

He believes that in the current scenario when everyone is facing global health calamity, everyone deserves to be with their loved ones. He appreciated the Maharashtra Government for helping for organizing paperwork and Karnataka government for welcoming migrants back home.


After this event, Farah Khan shared a picture of Actor Sonu Sood meeting these migrants before they leave Thane.