Porsche Driver From Indore Ended-Up Doing Sit-ups For Violating Lockdown Rules

Porsche Driver Ended Up Doing Sit Ups For Breaking Lockdown

A youngster’s joyride in a top of the line Porsche convertible vehicle in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown in Indore didn’t end well.

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According to NDTV, The 20-YO had been cruising in the yellow two-seater vehicle on the open streets, which are currently free from traffic because of the lockdown when a few individuals from the city’s security council spotted him. He was halted by the security board and addressed for being out in the city.

The city security council has resigned faculty from the Army, paramilitary and the police as volunteers. Every one of them is willfully joined with all the police headquarters in the city.

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The youngster has been recognized as Deepak Daryani’s – a nearby businessperson – child. On the occasions that followed, the kid was made to do sit-ups close to his two-seater convertible vehicle while a security council member held out a stick and requested him to do likewise. He was even made to hold his ears while doing sit-ups.

The youngster’s family said he has a check-in time/curfew pass and driving license, however, the city security board authorities supposedly got rowdy with him.

The driver’s dad, Mr. Daryani, is the proprietor of Asha Confectionery in Indore. Sources said he has filed a complaint with the police against the security people for implementing traffic regulation and punishing his child.

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