“How’s The Josh?” 20,000 Ft. Above The Ground! Here’s The Video

If you think that your ‘JOSH’ is getting low due to cold, then you should consider these JAWANS about 20,000 ft above the ground! So? How’s the Josh?


We just celebrated India’s 70th Republic Day and at the same time as each patriotism and our satisfaction appear to run similarly high on that day, there may be something to be said about the love of this patriotism and pride in the rest 12 months.

As a country, we’re a group of greatly passionate human beings and youth together due to our sense of freedom, entitlement, and notions of nationalism, that springs to life on every occasion something to do with the Armed Forces is mentioned, or even in passing.

It’s really that we don’t get to meet and see those superheroes live in movement very regularly, however few times that we were given to witness their heroics and unmatched preference to serve Mother India, we feel not anything but love with respect, and a massive sense of satisfaction for our jawans.

But while such moments, there is some distance in between, we’ve got the opportunity to witness the astounding spirit of our Siachen warriors before heading out for a rescue operation, as the complete unit comes collectively throughout the induction, responding to the struggle cry of ‘How’s the Josh‘, a good way to provide you with some Goosebumps! Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Uri’ is touching more heights recently.

Courtesy of Heroes in Uniform

We sense strongly and almost amazingly that these men and women who dare to stand fate of their line of obligation, and rightly so. After all, we owe a lot of the life we’re living to them. It is their sacrifice and selfless enthusiasm to serve the nation and its people, that allows us to experience the type of safe and even a laugh every day.

So what do you think? HOW’S THE JOSH

Deeptanshu Panthi
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