This Video Of Cow Feeding Four Orphaned Puppies Shows That She Is Called Mother For A Reason

The cow is considered as a mother in India. She is worshipped as the form of god. And it is because of the kind of motherhood she carries in herself. A recent incident is the perfect example of it. The cow was seen feeding four orphaned puppies on the streets are a proof that she is called mother for a reason and there is something in her motherhood that is unmatchable to any other animal.

Cow Feeding Four Orphaned Puppies Shows That She Is Called Mother For A Reason

The local cow adopted the orphaned puppies and feed them regularly. It is said that the mother of these four puppies died just after giving them birth and that is why the puppies do not have anyone to feed them or take care of them. so the cow started feeding the orphaned little puppies while also took care of them as her own and kind of adopted them too.

The heartwarming act was shared on Facebook through various pictures. People on the internet is praising this act of kindness very much. It is so good to see animals showing so much affection towards each other. Where in today’s world it is rare to find the humanity in humans, you can still find them in animals as they are proving again and that they also have feelings and a heart.

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Just a few days ago a case of lioness became viral on the internet. The incident of the lioness adopting a baby leopard caught people’s attention. After the mother of the leopard has died, the lioness adopted the poor baby and took care of him as her own.

She used to feed him, used to take him wherever she goes, protected him and also provided him with shelter. This kind of incidents and acts always make us fall in love with animals and made us believe that there is still some good left in this world.

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