Meet India’s Oldest Chimpanzee! Rita.

She had a great journey here in India, she was bought from Amsterdam, America to India.

Rita was conceived in bondage in an Amsterdam zoo on 15 December 1960. When she was barely four years old, she was conveyed to the Delhi zoo. From that day (27 February 1964) to today, 57-year-old Rita has been an inhabitant of India and is good to go to enter the Limca book of records as the most seasoned Chimpanzee in the nation.

Addressing Hindustan Times, Abhijit Bhawal, the veterinarian of the Delhi zoo stated, “Not long after in the wake of commending her birthday, we chose to apply to the Limca Book of Records. A group of agents had come to meet Rita. Another group of authorities from the Limca Books of Records is normal this month for the last check.”

Her birthday festivities were a terrific issue, with school kids going to the zoo to “wish her”, as announced by the BBC.

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The chimpanzee herself never leaves her walled in area, and the school understudies needed to watch her through cameras joined in her confine.

Rita’s voyage in India has been to some degree an enterprise. She was brought here from Amsterdam in return for residential cranes. When she landed in Delhi, she was combined with a male chimpanzee named Max—who was brought here from the London zoo.

The couple had four kids, yet lamentably, none survived. Following this, Rita was exchanged to the Punjab zoo for around 20 years for a rearing project.

This was between 1985 to 2006 and after that, she was taken back to Delhi. She has been living in the capital since.

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The normal life expectancy of a chimpanzee in the wild is between 40-50 years. In bondage, be that as it may, it can expand a bit, on account of a controlled domain, less risk from predators and guaranteed access to nourishment, water, and mates.

The Delhi zoo is purportedly the main zoo in India to have influenced it to the Limca To book of Records, all on account of Rita. Renu Singh, the executive of the zoo (or National Zoological Park), told HT, “She isn’t only the most established individual from the zoo, yet additionally the most seasoned chimpanzee in India and likely the most seasoned in Asia.”

The most established chimpanzee on the planet, be that as it may, was Little Mama in the USA. She passed away in November 2017, at 79 years old years in a safari stop.

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