Inspiring Story Of Ruchi Shah Who Quit Her Job At Yahoo To Teach The Tribal Children

In this article, we will introduce you to a very heart-touching story of Ruchi Shah, the woman who left her high-paying job at Yahoo to teach the tribal children of Ladhakh. Ruchi was a UED Designer at Yahoo but she left it to educate the poor children. Ruchi has undoubtedly set the greatest example of humanity in front of us and her efforts are indeed more than appreciable.

Ruchi Shah is currently 34-years-old, she was born in Mumbai to artist parents. Her parents were her inspiration in becoming an artist herself. Ruchi did her masters in Design from IIT Bombay which got her a direct job at Yahoo. Surprisingly, Ruchi received the full-scholarship to Camberwell, UK to study masters at Visual Arts.


After graduating from the UK, Ruchi was invited to as a teacher to a school of Ladakh to monitor the children.

“While volunteering at the Lamayuru monastery, I found myself in a single classroom with bare walls. To make the room livelier, I created a mural of their village on one of the walls. The leap from 12-inch paper to a 12-foot wall led to the idea of telling stories through wall-art,” Ruchi recalls.


The wall art caught the attention of many organizations they invited Ruchi to do some wall-painting for them too. She has painted more than 20 walls for Freshworks, then she worked for Polka Cafe, Desi Creative and also some NGO’s.

 “Before I knew it, I had become an entrepreneur and a corporate wall-artist,” she says.

In her journey, she got acquainted with her passion and talent in wall-street art and also her interaction with children make her attached to them. She was invited to ‘LETS’ that means Learn English Through Stories. It got her attention and she started working on it. She discovered children learn more easily through vision and visual characters.


Ruchi started creating different illustrations inspired by different books to make the children learn. She then started making books of her own with visual illustrations for the better education of children.

 “This book reminds us of the different roles that a book can play in our lives. Whether it opens us to a sea of words or a forest of sounds, each page of this book has been created as an environment. I created a collage of pencil drawings, ink illustrations, and dried flowers to create the images of this book,” She says.

Now, she has projects all over the country and she helps children with learning. She specifically focuses on storytelling, English and doodling talents in children.