10 Amazing Facts You Should Know About The Nagpur-Mumbai Express Highway

Amazing Facts About The Nagpur-Mumbai express highway

The Nagpur-Mumbai express highway is a functional communication highway of the state of Maharashtra. Passing through Nagpur, Aurangabad, and Mumbai, this highway is 700 kilometers long. It will be known as the ‘Samruddhi Corridor’ or ‘Samruddhi Mahamarg’. The Nagpur-Mumbai Highway has many amazing facts that you should know.

Presenting, Amazing Facts About The Nagpur-Mumbai express highway:

 Amazing Facts About The Nagpur-Mumbai express highway


1. The highway consists of 8 lanes and it will also cut the travel time [16 hours] between Nagpur and Mumbai to half [8 hours].

2. To boost the economy of the region, The government of Maharashtra is planning to build 24 nodes/ prosperity hubs and it will include truck terminals, It industries, manufacturing units, knowledge cities and commercial sites.

3. The corridor will be known as Samruddhi Corridor or Prosperity Corridor.

4. The express highway will be a connecting link between 10 districts, 26 tehsils, and around 390 villages. It would be linking Nagpur, Amravati, Buldhana, Wardha, Aurangabad, Washim, Thane, Akola, Bhiwandi, and Nashik with Mumbai.

5. The project will use solar lighting for energy efficiency as it targets towards green India.

6. The communication highway is a state highway but it has built with the national highway standards.

7. The Nagpur-Mumbai express highway will be having underpasses, interchanges, flyovers at the intersections of major cities. It aims to provide the facility of the highway to the villages so it will pass through every village coming in its way.

8. The highway will contain the food places, toilets, truck terminals, bus bays, telephone booths, restaurants, basic facility shops at every 5 kilometers.

9. The express highway will also have alarming facilities so that at the time of emergencies, firefighting team and first aids could be available at the right time.

10. For safety purposes, the whole highway will have CCTV cameras across its whole length of 700 kilometers.

These were the amazing facts about the Nagpur-Mumbai express highway that you should be knowing.