Delhi Gets Its First 4DX Theater, Now you can Experience The Movie Yourself!


4DX? Must have seen 3D right? Gotta go further? Here you go!

4DX goes like this. You’re watching a high-speed chase, come-on man imagine it! There’s a big screen damn big. Suddenly BAAAM! A vehicle overturns on the damn big screen, and you too feel your seat twisting and tilt dangerously in the same manner. And just when the actor’s bike rams itself into the barrel which is full of water, you yourself feel moist(without getting lit with water don’t worry :p).

Yes, it is possible and the hell of the technology which makes this possible which just transformed mundane cinema into a mind-boggling experience is called 4DX.

Driving movies to an all new level and experience and with a lot more fun and excitement. PVR just launched their very first 4DX in Delhi and this is one of the coolest news ever.

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And according to LBB, the PVR Pacific Mall in Delhi has now even launched 4DX for its audience.

The 4DX was only available in Noida at PVR Logix and Gurgaon at PVR MGF so far. But now PVR has recently introduced this cinematic Experience in Delhi too.

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With amazing high technology motion seats and amazing vfx effects involving natural elements like wind, fog, lightning, scent, water, rain and snow. This format triggers all five of human senses and also allowing you to actually live the movement just not watch it.

You can literally feel everything that’s there on the screen. Like winds blowing and you might be able to smell or really foul up that’s there on the screen. You’ll also be able to experience all sorts of movements which is taking place in the movie.

Well for the movement they are currently streaming only two movies in 4DX, Black Panther and Tomb Raider across the Delhi NCR.

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So what do you think about this new technology? Are you also excited as we are? Make sure to tell us in the comments down below.

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