You’ll be surprised to know these male celebrities have undergone plastic surgeries

Have you heard about this about male Celebrities?

You must have heard about a lot of actresses go for a knife to get better at their looks. Well, it’s a lot common among celebrities, and it’s not some matter of big concern. But, have you heard about male actors plastic surgery, if you haven’t then let us tell you like actresses opt for knife similarly actors also do opt for plastic surgery too. After all, it matters in Bollywood for celebrities.

Well if you don’t know King Khan and Salman Khan, yes, they also have opted for plastic surgeries to look quite charming and good in front of their fans. But they haven’t accepted it openly but it could be seen from the looks of their before and after pictures.

So here is the list of few Actors who went Plastic Surgery!!!

  • Shahrukh Khan- King Khan of the industry has also gone through Botox a lot of times and is going through a lot more treatments.

celebrities srk


  • Shahid Kapoor- Yeah, father of the cutest Misha and yes he has taken rhinoplasty to get his nose into better shape. But anyway he looked the same cute even before the surgery.

celebrities sahid kapoor


  • Ranbir Kapoor- Well he had a bit of hairline problem with him so here you can see he underwent a bit of hairline surgery.

celebrities ranbeer


  • Aamir Khan- Aamir Khan was seen without a single wrinkle on his face. Well, he didn’t look like that, yes, Mr. Perfectionist has gone Botox to get a wrinkle-free face.

celebrities aamir


  • Himesh Reshammiya- Not until Himesh underwent a hair transplant, he just never took his cap off.

celebrities himesh


  • Akshay Kumar- Well the Khiladi No. 1 was having a hair loss problem so he underwent treatment for that.

celebrities ak


  • Salman Khan- Well if you see Salman Khan and compare him with his age isn’t it quite amusing. He has probably taken help of Botox to come up with that. And he even has taken help of hair weaving.

celebrities sk

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Deeptanshu Panthi
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