10 Unheard Dialogues From ‘Padmaavat’ Which Depicts Nothing But Pure Brilliance!

Padmavaat is out!!!

Padmavaat the most awaited movie is now out in near box-offices in Mumbai and it’s getting crazy right now. When you can see the crowd and some are planning for the movie, and some go crazy and they just want to see the movie. Whereas Shahid/Ranveer/Deepika also attended the paid previews that were held in near movie theaters.

According to movie Alauddin Khilji’s Madness, Padmavati’s beauty and most fearless performance of Ratan Singh, these are the things that people are dying to watch. But do you know what is more special the dialogs from the movie ‘Padmavaat’ and yes they are the real life of this movie! Now as I told that I hope you’ve watched this movie so there are gonna refresh the memories from the movie. And if you haven’t watched it then it’s gonna be amazing for you. BUT WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD:-

Here are TOP 10 Dialogs from the Movie ‘Padmavaat’:-

And here are the masterpieces:-

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Dialogs by Ratan Singh:-

"Kamaal ki shikari hain aap, shikar ki jagah shikari ko hi maar diya"

“Kamaal Ki Shikari Hain Aap, Shikar Ki Jagah Shikari Ko Hi Maar Diya” –Ratan Singh

"Itihaas apne panne palat sakta hai, par Rajput apne usuul nahi"

“Itihaas Apne Panne Palat Sakta Hai, Par Rajput Apne Uusuul Nahi” –Ratan Singh

Dialogs by Padmavati:-

"Darr Naam Ka Gehna Padmavati Ne Kabhi Nahi Pehna"

“Darr Naam Ka Gehna Padmavati Ne Kabhi Nahi Pehna” –Padmavati

"Yahan ka patta patta hame janta hai, puch lena"

“Yahan Ka Patta Patta Hamara Naam Janta Hai, Puch Lena” –Padmavati

Dialogs by Alauddin:- 

jab khane ko itna kuch hai to kauf kyun khayein

“Jab Khane Ko Itna Kuch Hai To Kauf Kyun Khayein” –Alauddin

Allah ki banaye haar nayaab cheez pe sirf alauddin khilji ka haq hai

“Allah Ki Banaye Haar Nayaab Cheez Pe Sirf Alauddin Khilji Ka Haq Hai” –Alauddin

Sarhadein bahut failade ab bahein failate hain“Sarhadein Bahut Failade Ab Bahein Failate Hain” –Alauddin

Ghayal dil ke alawa hamare koi aur ghaw nahi dikh rahe

“Ghayal Dil Ke Alawa Hamare Koi Aur Ghaw Nahi Dikh Rahe” –Alauddin

ishq aur jung mei koi usool nahi hote

“Ishq Aur Jung Mei Koi Usool Nahi Hote” –Alauddin

kille ki diware tut rahe hain ab chittaud ka honsla bhi tutega

“Kille Ki Diware Tut Rahe Hain Ab Chittaud Ka Honsla Bhi Tutega” –Alauddin

These are the words and dialogs of the movie that was most amazingly spoken and made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Deeptanshu Panthi
Founding Editor At IndiaBhasha.com